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The market of the second-hand boat

From 2013 to 2015, the second hand boat market has been particularly active in France: there has never been as many second hand boats over 10 meters sold in France (sail and power) since the beginning of the “crisis”. To put it plainly, since 2008 and with the exception of 2010 which saw a small decrease, the sale of second hand boats over 10 meters is steady and the volume of sales realized on the market (sales by private persons and sales by professionals) considerably exceeds the volume of sales of the “prosperous” years of the sailing industry.

For example, in 2014, 3612 boats (sail and power > 10 meters) have changed owners. This represents 27.3% more than in 2003 (2625 boats) and 15.6 % more than in 2007 (3046 boats).

The other side of the coin is that the “offer” of second-hand boats (the number of boats put on sale on the market) has also made strong progress: more boats are sold, but there are also more boats on sale… hence the average selling price has dropped significantly. To sum up, the market is promising for second hand boats (number of transactions realized every year in progress), however the boats on offer that are too expensive, poorly presented or lacking visibility on the market will not sell.

The year 2015 has been particularly marked by a price drop, this decrease has impacted all of the segments of the market. The price drop has attracted many foreign clients, essentially German and English. The very strong British pound has made the boats advertised in Euros very competitive and many boats have sailed across the Channel this year.

On the other hand the market for new boats has seriously declined: in 2008, a record year for the sale of new boats, 2076 new boats over 10m were sold in France ( sail and power). In 2014, this number fell to 1027 boats that is a decrease of 50.45 %.

economic informations second hand boat sales in France

Source : French Ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy, General direction of infrastructures, transport and the sea - February 2013

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