Jérôme Le Joubioux

Vannes - Director

+ 33 6 07 45 71 73 - jerome@antipode-yachts.com

Jérôme founded Antipode in 2007 after having spent 15 years working for a major French boat builder, having sold and delivered boats all over the world. As all the employees of Antipode, Jérôme is passionate about the sea, boats and anything that floats by some means … especially when it goes fast : windsurfing, dinghies, catamarans, offshore racing, Jérôme loves putting on his wet suit and navigate on his favorite spots : Golfe du Morbihan and the Quiberon Bay. He is an expert on technical points, especially on rigging and sails, and is very proud to say that he always recognizes a boat on the first look.

« We sell used boats that by definition are not perfect and we need to be irreproachable on the manner in which the transactions are carried out, respecting the interest of the buyer and the seller ».

Jean-Baptiste Lemaire

Vannes - Partner

+ 33 6 10 25 00 03 - jb@antipode-yachts.com

At the age of 4 he was learning to sail on the Seine, at 15 he was doing his first French Micro championship, at 25 he was sailing across the Atlantic on an Wauquiez and at 39 he ran the Mini Transat and finished 7th in the Series category. In 2018, Jean-Baptiste raced the Transquadra (double handed transatlantic race) on the ARCHAMBAULT A 35 VLI MAGELLIMO and finished on the podium in 3rd place.

Fifteen years of experience in selling yacht charters brought him to sail on many seas, from Polynesia to South Britt any, via the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Cruising or racing, comfort and performance, the extent of Jean-Baptiste’s experience enables him to give relevant advice with regards to the client’s navigation program. He is as dedicated to selling a boat as he is to preparing his boat for the Mini Transat : there is no place left for luck. Smiling, relaxed, available and always in a good mood, Jean-Baptiste is your partner to buy your boat : « At Antipode, we are rigorous, precise and available. We have the sense of service and it is not because we have the cheque that the job is done ».

Since November 2022, Jean-Baptiste is a partner in the company ANTIPODE

François Mouchel

Port-la-Forêt - Sales

+33 6 62 30 97 30 - francois@antipode-yachts.com

At the age of 34, François has already known three professional lives all related to his passion for boats. He worked several years as a carpenter building magnificent small modern wooden boats. After this he work on the preparation on boats for offshore racing, notably Figaro Bénéteau. With the technical experience gained and animated by his passion, he then trained at the Institut Nautique de Bretagne when a Bénéteau dealer gave him the responsibility for an agency in Port-la-Fôret. At the same time, he has always been sailing on dinghys, catamarans, Surprise, J 80 and classic sailing yachts such as the Pen Duick. Currently he races with his Gib’Sea 80+ and with other enthusiasts they are trying to revive the series.

This accumulation of experiences is a richness that François shares with Antipode’s clients. « When I discover boat, I have a trained eye to appreciate the complete condition. I can give well informed advice on all the technical parts and the navigation program suitable for each boat.» François joined the team in 2019. Based in Port-la-Fôret, he is our interlocutor in Finistère. « Since years back Antipode have developed efficient tools to offer a quality service that has made their reputation. I am very happy to have integrated the team and share my passion with our clients. I am not a very ordinary seller, I can only sell boats! »

Julie Brodu

Vannes - Sales assistant

+33 2 97 68 49 44 - julie@antipode-yachts.com

Julie joined the Antipode Yacht team in spring 2018 after always having worked with boats. For nine years Julie was the purchasing manager for an important boat yard for sailing and power boats. She knows all about the equipment related to boats perfectly well. The past ten years she has worked for a marine electronics company that works on racing and cruising boats.

Julie speaks fluent English and stands out for her good organisation skills, rigor and constant good mood. « I’m delighted to have joined the team, I really like the spirit of this small company. The atmosphere is really dynamic and friendly. The rigor does not stop us from enjoying work, on the contrary, as we work well, and our clients’ satisfaction is our pride. » Julie leaves the mainland on a regular basis to sail away cruising or for a day out on the family’s renovated Caravelle… which is not for sale ;-)

Catharina Holmberg

Vannes - Customer service

+ 33 2 97 68 49 44 - catharina@antipode-yachts.com

Catharina HOLMBERG She speaks three languages fluently, French, English and Swedish, her mother tongue that makes the communication with the Scandinavian countries much easier. "It’s a real advantage in the exchanges with our clients from abroad". She knows all the moorings in South Brittany that she explores with her family on board of a "Vintage" Mousquetaire.

At Antipode, she appreciates the Anglo-Saxon mentality : "we are a reactive company, in which everyone cares for the customers. We are all dynamic people. We always answer our e-mails promptly. It’s a straight, organized company that does not play about" she says with a slight accent. Catharina is like a "Swiss knife" for Antipode : translation, marketing, sales administration, transfer of ownership, export documentation… she keeps track of all the files and nothing escapes her !

Catharina has been working for ANTIPODE since 2009.

  • Antipode recruits

    1 Yacht Broker

    > Permanent full-time

    > Based in Vannes, France

    > Fluent English required

    > Personal practice of sailing, cruising or racing

    > Extensive travel West of France, car provided

    1 Commercial Assistant

    > Permanent full-time or part-time to be agreed with the candidate

    > Based in Vannes, France

    > Fluent English required

    > Personal practice of sailing, cruising or racing

    > Extensive travel in Britain, car provided


    Jérôme Le Joubioux : + 33 6 07 45 71 73