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Client testimonials

They used the services of Antipode to buy or sell their boat… our clients share their experience

All testimonials published on our web site have been sent in writing by our clients that have given us the right to reproduce them. The original testimonials can be viewed upon simple demand.

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Frédéric sold the Sense 43 ‘Patsy’ and bought the Sense 46 ‘Vintana’ / Les Sables d’Olonne 8/2/2023

I bought a Sense 46 and sold my Sense 43 trough Antipode. I was very satisfied by Antipode’s service for these 2 transactions. As a former professional in the boating industry, I knew how to appreciate the professionalism, the efficiency and the availability of Jean-Baptiste who carried out both transactions with organisation up until the end of the purchase and sale.

Thanks to whole Antipode team.

Jean Pierre sold Dufour 40 ‘Cap Caval’ and bought the Dufour 34 ‘Chimère Bleu’ / Brest 8/2/2023

We had 3 experiences with Antipode. The first was in 2015. Even if we finally did not  buy  that boat, we appreciated Jean-Baptiste’s advice and frankness. This is why, last June after having sailed around the Atlantic when we wanted to sell our sailing boat, a Dufour 40, we called upon Antipode. François quickly contacted a potential buyer and the boat was sold within a few days. Searching for a new sailing boat turned out to be more difficult, given the current second-hand market. But end of October, François called with a Dufour 34 on sale. This model was exactly what we were looking for.

During the transactions, we appreciated the attentiveness, availability and wish to satisfy the client. Above all we met a strong and supportive team. François and Jean-Baptiste did indeed intervene in a complementary way to solve a problem reported by the expert. The boat was delivered to us in an excellent condition.

Sylvaine and Raymond sold the Trawler 34 ‘Oceanide’ / Le Crouesty 6/2/2023

Previously satisfied with Antipode’s services for the sale of our Dufour 405, we did not hesitate to entrust them again with the sale of our Trawler 34. With the same rigour and same professionalism, JB Lemaire achieved this sale within a few weeks. As it was a sale between France and Ireland, we were fully satisfied to be relieved of all administrative formalities.  Thanks, Mr Lemaire, for his competence and kindness.

David sold the Hanse 630 ‘Corto Maltèse’ / Le Crouesty 19/1/2023

I entrusted the sale of my Hanse 630 to the company Antipode in September 2022. The ads were online very quickly, with a lot of details and pictures, the boat was very well presented in the ads… and was sold at the asking price two months later to Czech clients. On top of the administrative and contractual part, Antipode efficiently took charge of the operational part (lifting in and out of the water for inspection, sea trial with the clients), I did not have to intervene myself. I am very satisfied with the level of service offered and I can without hesitation recommend the company Antipode.

Rémy sold the A 35 ‘Samsara’ / La Trinité sur Mer 16/1/2023

We entrusted Jean-Baptiste with the sale of our A35. The sale process was launched in September and the sale finalised in the beginning of December.

Jean-Baptiste handled the sale of our boat with precision and professionalism, all while establishing a very friendly climate of exchange and trust.

I’m convinced that the three parties concerned were very satisfied with this outcome, Antipode, ourselves as sellers and our buyer that recently expressed his great satisfaction to us.

Good job !

Guy sold the Nauticat 35 ‘Tiny Tim’ / Portugal 16/1/2023

I would like to share all the efficiency demonstrated by the Antipode team to sell my Nauticat 35, very special and specific boat on the French market

Once again bravo and congratulations.

Bertrand bought the Oceanis 31 ‘Bleiz-Mor’ / Vannes 4/1/2023

The Oceanis 31 that I bought with Antipode in 2022 is my first boat. So, I needed to be confident. That’s exactly what happened, from the first contact with Jérôme, Jean-Baptiste and Julie. They were attentive to my questions, my hesitations and all that I had to learn about the purchase of a boat… I was won over by their kindness, their honesty and their knowledge. Their patience, their advice, the relations they maintained with the owners of the Oceanis made that the sale proceeded in the best conditions. The relations with them did not end there. They followed me through during my first summer of navigation, they guided me through the Golfe de Morbihan that I did not know, without counting their time… Thanks again !


Florence et Yann bought the Sun Odyssey 34.2 ‘Tamaiti’/ Vannes 2/1/2023

We would like to thank the Antipode team and in particular Jean-Baptiste Lemaire that accompanied us for this purchase of our first boat. Since about 2 years we have been scouring website and disappointing visits. It is by chance that we came across Tamaiti, a Sun Odyssey that the owners had entrusted Antipode with the sale. Very rapidly Jean-Baptiste gave us confidence without ever rushing us, always with kindness and with an answer or a solution for each question. A support without a hitch until the handover of the keys, even providing after sales service for questions forgotten during the sale.

Jérôme told us that a boat changes hands between the 3rd and 6th year following a purchase. The appointment is therefore made for 2026… until then we would like to enjoy Tamaiti for some nautical miles…

Ghislaine and Cédric bought the Excite 750 ‘Crocalan’ / Arzal 22/12/2022

Sailing since always, preferably on catamarans, Mediterranean especially after 20 years in South Brittany, after having sold our Catana at 75 years of age we wanted to sail on a power boat, being mostly only two on board, to rediscover Brittany.

We opted for a rather uncommon boat, a small catamaran power boat, super well finished and very well constructed, an Excite cat 7,50.

On offer by the company Antipode. Our contact JB Lemaire.

Used to the brokers in the south of France, we were won over by Mr Lemaire’s seriousness, kindness and professionalism. He looked after everything, sea trials, paperwork, etc… Velvet…

Congratulations to the whole team, that we met less but who worked hard to make everything smooth.

I will turn to them when I will sell my little boat.

François sold the Oceanis 55 ‘Eden XII’ / Ouistreham 20/12/2022

I entrusted the sale of my 55 feet sailing boat to the company Antipode.

This sale was concluded in a few weeks thanks to the excellent service of this company where the employees combine competence, efficiency and professionalism.

Bernard sold the Hanse 415 E ‘L’Astragale’ / Crouesty 9/12/2022

A few years back I entrusted Antipode with the sale of my Oceanis 50. It was the time of the economic crisis and the times weren’t favourable for the sailing industry. The whole team patiently put in the hard work and finally found a Dutch buyer. Meanwhile I had purchased a new Hanse 415. Coming to an age where I had to separate from the Hanse, I once again entrusted Antipode with the sale as they had already done a top job. Jean-Baptiste, in charge of the sale, did a great job by carefully preparing the presentation of the boat for the sale as soon as he was in charge. He was very professional and serious. I did not even have to travel once when the boat was on sale. He looked after everything (cleaning, visits, sea trial, etc). During the Mille Sabord boat show, a buyer came forward and made a down payment.  Shortly afterwards he withdrew, without explanations, abandoning the down payment !

Jean-Baptiste reactivated the contacts that he had previously has and rapidly a new buyer became interested in the boat. The sale was completed very quickly. The icing on the cake, the boat was sold at the asking price ! I would like to thank Jérôme Le Joubioux and the whole team for their professional and qualitative work.

Françoise and Ronan bought the Najad 36 ‘Cinderella’ / Port La Forêt 8/12/2022

Mr Le Joubioux helped and advised us a lot all along the purchase procedure to check on all the administrative documents edited in English.

The boat being under a Swedish flag, it was very difficult to transfer to a French flag seeing the complexity of the administration. In Sweden, sailing boats of this size are not registered and do not have any administrative documents. The Antipode team were completely involved in the process and this November the boat was officially French. A big thank you to Julie Brodu and the whole Antipode team, very nice, professional, and reactive; to be highly recommended.

Edouard bought the Oceanis 55 ‘Vagabunda’ / Roscoff 6/12/2022

The purchase of a boat is a really important step, especially for someone passionate.

I found a lot of professionalism in the Antipode team. François advised me really well for the survey and the administrative procedures. He knew the boat perfectly well. I recommend without a hesitation.

Pierre Yves bought the Dufour 382 ‘Parma’ / Le Crouesty 5/12/2022

I had already had business with Antipode for the sale of my Sun Odyssey 49 a few years back and could only congratulate myself with services that were very professional as well as friendly. When I saw the Dufour 382 on sale with Antipode a few days before the Milles Sabords boat show, I immediately contacted Jérôme, came to visit and bought the boat. The sale being managed from afar, the trust in the seller was fundamental and I was not disappointed, even in the administrative details or small things to see on the boat. Meanwhile Antipode was putting the ad for my J 100 online in a record time. All of this bodes well for the future and bravo again.

Beatrice bought the Hanse 470 ‘Desire’ / Vannes 5/12/2022

We called upon Antipode to help us register a boat purchased under the American flag. We were very impressed by the efficiency and quick response of all the persons we were in contact with.  Pertinent advice, a great availability of the very professional team, we felt completely in confidence. I recommend Antipode for all these good reasons.

Vincent sold the Figaro 3 ‘Marvin’ / Vannes 5/12/2022

Thanks to Antipode we have could sell our Figaro 3 in conditions that were not simple. Indeed, a racing boat sold to an owner sailing on the lakes of Chicago in the United States and requiring some works before delivery were all elements added to complicate the sale. Antipode’s professionalism was a decisive element so that this transaction could be carried out in the best conditions.

Philippe bought the Antares 1080 ‘Christal’ / Port Haliguen 2/12/2022

I wanted to thank you for having sold me my Antares 1080. Indeed I had been looking for this boat for 2 years but had never found the guarantees to come with. Thanks to Mr Lemaire who offered me the visit with all the invoices and a reliability for which I thank him for each time I am in touch with him. On top of that, since I’ve had a problem with the boat and Mr Lemaire rapidly intervened to find a solution. That is very serious ! Above all, don’t hesitate to trust Antipode. If I was selling my boat, I would trust Mr Lemaire with the sale my eyes closed.

I thank the team for their reliability before, during and after the sale.

Jean-Yves sold the Dufour 520 ‘Orina VI’ / Mandelieu 2/12/2022

I contacted Antipode in the beginning of Mars 2022. François Mouchel has just sold the Oceanis 55 of a friend of mine in 3 or 4 months. I was looking to sell my Dufour 520 from 2018. François assured me that by the end of June the boat would be sold !!! My Dufour dealer had had her on sale for over 16 months ... Mid March François came (to the south of France) on the boat and went through every detail thoroughly, taking pictures, he even advised me to clean the genoa so that it would be impeccable. Beginning of April, the ad was on line on his website, mid June the boat was sold. I was very satisfied with François’ seriousness, his professionalism and his reactivity. With him the price is the price, no discussion.

Pascal bought the Elan 380 ‘Brio’/ La Trinité sur Mer 30/11/2022

I bought my sailing boat using Antipode’s services at the end of 2021.

I am completely satisfied with Jean-Baptiste Lemaire’s professionalism. He knew how to find the right compromises to efficiently conclude this sale full of surprises.

The 2022 sailing season confirmed this success.

Philippe bought the Rhea 750 ‘Scopello’ / Le Havre 26/11/2022

I made the acquisition of a Rhea 750 via Antipode in February 2022. My contact, Mr Le Joubioux was very efficient with the information and his professional advice for the purchase of this boat and the transport to Normandy where she navigates now : my family can hence navigate in all confidence on this boat that has proven to be perfectly in line to its description.  On the administrative level, Antipode also proved to be very efficient : clear information, fast administrative procedures, and friendliness. I don’t hesitate to recommend the Antipode team whose seriousness and quality of service are all in all points remarkable. I will without a doubt call upon their competence for a future purchase.

Marc bought the Sun Fast 3200 'Fastmania' / Sète 23/11/2022

It’s with pleasure that I can testify to the seriousness and professionalism of the whole Antipode team concerning the purchase of my Sun Fast 3200. Once the visits, the surveys and negotiations were carried out, the purchase went perfectly fine and Antipode looked after everything. They were available for each of my requests and queries. It is a serious company, good advice and as far as I am concerned as a buyer there were irreproachably honest and there were no surprises concerning the condition of the boat. Once in possession of the boat, I was able to contact them without any difficulty for various questions to which they always responded.

Confidence, professionalism and attentiveness are the adjectives that I can use concerning the whole team. Thanks to the whole team of this company that I recommend if you should need to buy or sell a boat.

François bought the Sun Beam 34 'Jolie môme' / La Trinité Sur Mer 22/11/2022

I made the purchase of a beautiful 34 feet sailing boat using Antipode’s services. This company lives up to its name, it is at the antipodes of the unfortunately very ordinary, even rather mediocre level of service reserved for customer in the boating industry. Antipode excels, and I weigh every word, at the end of procedure with them, a competent, friendly and available team ; a rigorous, transparent and honest approach, outstanding pre- and post- sales services. No misunderstandings or conflicts, we moved forward step by step with professionalism and serenity. In this very uncertain adventure that is the search for a second hand boat, I strongly recommend Antipode: this team knows how to choose the boats they offers, they love their job and keep the level high, these are the best among all the brokers I’ve met.

Jean-Pierre sold the Swift Trawler 42 'La Royere' / Marseille 19/11/2022

Buying or selling a boat is not a very common transaction in a man’s life. Yet there are ways and necessary obligations that need to be respected and go well beyond the simple connection provided by an agent. The Antipode employees understood this well and always provided me with the necessary support “to carry out my transaction”.

Alain sold the Sun Odyssey 37 'Jemmha' / Le Crouesty 18/11/2022

Selling a boat is always a heartbreak, especially when it is for health reasons and it is a definitive stop. We took 5 years to make up our minds, then we called upon the company Antipode, without knowing them. Jérôme Le Joubioux accompanied us well, advised us, and settled this sale quickly without any kind of hassle and at the fair price. The page turned to close this 26 years long maritime adventure was made a lot easier thanks to him. We are grateful to him and recommend his company without any hesitation.

Gabriel sold the Dufour 350 'Sklaera' / Bénodet 17/11/2022

Being abroad for several months, I entrusted Antipode with the sale of my boat. Mr François Mouchel took care of everything: inventory, checking the equipment, technical validation, trials, transport for the crane, survey, sale and administrative papers…

All these procedures were carried out seriously, in all transparency for the seller as well as for the buyer. I thank the whole team for the quality of the service.

I can only recommend the professionalism of this company.

Ibrahim bought the Oceanis 37 'Ijin' / La Rochelle 15/11/2022

We had a plan of buying our first sailing boat on a tight budget and in an equally tight timeframe. François knew how to be as responsive as required to ensure that all the steps were done in time. The support from the whole time was very professional and we were able to get a lot of advice, even after having sailed away – in terms of customer service you can’t ask for more! I recommend Antipode as a trusted broker for anyone wishing to acquire a boat. Otherwise, the boat has been renamed Ijin (which is a Breton word!) and we went all the way to Spain this summer, stopping by the Basque country, it was magnificent!


Antoine sold the Sun Odyssey 40 'So Happy' / Nantes 1/7/2022

Having bought my Sun Odyssey 40 So Happy via Antipode, and as everything had gone really well, when I wished to sell, I used their services.

I thus contacted Jean Baptiste, who was once again a true professional. A buyer came forward just before my holidays.

I could leave for 3 weeks with my mind at peace, Antipode looked after the craning, survey, called the sailmaker to get a copy if an invoice, etc…

When I came back, I was present for the survey and one week later the boat was sold.

The sale was fast, and everybody is happy.

Jean bought the Ovni 345 'Sanderling' / Saint Malo 1/7/2022

I was looking for a lifting keel for my children and I to sail together. I fell for this Ovni 345 and on top of that I met Mr Lemaire. An honest person that gave me good serious advice with great skill, not only a salesperson who wanted to sell his boat. Mr Lemaire handed me a boat with which I have had no surprises since the handover. From the delivery I could sail around Brittany and bring the boat from Le Crouesty to Saint Malo. This thank to the fact that the preparation of the boat was perfect. On top of that he took the time to check on me during my sail! I can only congratulate the services and the Antipode agency. Thank you!

Dominique sold the Oceanis 43 'Iaorana' / Saint Cast 16/5/2022

My husband and I had an Oceanis 43 which we fully enjoyed but the ways

 of life decided otherwise! After the death of my husband, I had to sell this boat which symbolized him so very much. A friend put me in touch with Jérôme Le Joubioux for whom I sincerely could not say enough praise.  The circumstances were very difficult for me and at each meeting I noted attentiveness, empathy and above all a great professionalism. Jérôme Le Joubioux is an invested professional and a person full of humanity and kindness. Thank you!

Agnes and Pascal bought the Oceanis 46 'Fairwinds' / Arzal 16/5/2022

An incredible luck for the purchase of our first sailing boat to have seen Antipode’s ad. From the first contact via e-mail, we had a phone call from Jean-Baptiste the next day. We were able to visit the boat very quickly and for us who had no experience, we appreciated the fact that the boat corresponded exactly to the ad, no bad surprises rather the opposite, moreover Jean-Baptiste made a detailed visit and provided an exhaustive inventory of the boat. Following the visit everything went really fast and we fell under the spell of this very beautiful sailboat. We therefore made a proposal that was accepted by the owners. And here the professionalism, availability and support of the Antipode team took on its full meaning. Jean-Baptiste provided us with a list of professionals to help us with the different requirements for the boat (insurance, survey, professionals for the maintenance, skipper), Jérôme took over for the survey, Julie for the paperwork (registration, customs declaration) … In short, from the first contact until today (purchase +4 months), the support from the Antipode team has been top notch. Once again thanks to the whole team.

Hubert bought the Dufour 34 'Maelys' / Port La Forêt 16/5/2022

I got to know Antipode through a friend that had sold his boat through them, and he was very happy with their services. I went on their website, and I was really seduced by the ethics that emanated from their “Buyer’s Guide”. Respect for both the buyer and seller is truly a reality. I was exclusively looking for a Dufour 34. I was asked to precisely formulate what I would, ideally, like to purchase. A few days later I was contacted by François Mouchel from the Port La Fôret Antipode agency. I had already visited a Dufour 34 there twice with another broker, I’ve had no answers to the questions I asked and not feeling confident I had given up. François Mouchel showed me a similar boat and it has been a pleasure to finalise the purchase with him. It’s truly a very competent, very efficient, and very kind person. I am totally satisfied with the way Antipode accompanied me throughout the formalities. I am very happy with my new boat and unfortunately… I’m not planning to request their services again, but I don’t miss an opportunity to mention them, and especially François Mouchel, to people around me.  A big THANK YOU to him.

Patrick bought the Sun Odyssey 419 'Kashira' / Bénodet 16/5/2022

François dealt competently with the remaining problems on the boat, and I would like to thank him for that. I take this opportunity to salute Antipode’s professionalism at all stages of this operation.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company around me.

Send my thanks to your team!

Stephane bought the Oceanis 311 'Pachimea' / La Roche Bernard 16/5/2022

After several months of unsuccessful research on my side, I asked Jean-Baptise to think of me the day he would have an Oceanis 311 on sale. That’s what he did some time afterwards. So, thank you because the sailboat was in very good condition and at a justified price (recent equipment and sails, boat ready to sail). The whole negotiation and transaction part were efficient and clear. Thanks to Jean-Baptiste, Jérôme and Julie for their professionalism, attentiveness, and high spirits. Happy new year to the whole team!

Yves sold the Django 1270 'Jubilo' / Le Crouesty 16/5/2022

In 2020, I decided to sell my Django 1270. I knew the Antipode company and in particular Jérôme Le Joubioux who had sold our previous boat, a Pogo 40, to an Australian buyer. I had been very satisfied with the 1st operation and so naturally I turned to them again. Once again, I must say that the transaction was not easy, with an ongoing leasing, a very recent boat and demanding buyer. I would like to thank Jérôme Le Joubioux for his patience, his perseverance, and his constant desire to reach a solution acceptable by both parties involved. I must also specify that I never met the buyer, even during the preliminary sea trial, which was completely handled by Antipode, never had the slightest discussion with him. With a Belgian buyer, the boat at Le Crouesty and myself in Paris, I never needed to make a return trip to Le Crouesty! Antipode has proven to be an essential and effective intermediary for this type of transaction.

Thierry bought the Forna 37 'Alphée' / Saint Malo 16/5/2022

After having left the world of sailboats in 1997, after many years of passion and buying and selling my previous boats directly from and to private persons in several countries, I wished to sail again. In the meantime, looking for an “ideal” sailing boat had completely changed and after some discouragement with the maze of boats on offer I was lucky enough to find a boat close to what I was looking for, a Forna 37 a boat built in laminated wood by Pichavant in 2007 and on offer with François Mouchel from the Antipode company. Excellent and fast feedback from the Antipode office and François, a lot of details, photos, quick answers to sometimes difficult questions about a boat that was built individually, efficient meetings. Dry-docking, sea trial, conclusion of the transaction and dealing with the paperwork, all went well at a steady pace and with direct and friendly relations. An efficient and successful transaction.

Laurent sold the Forna 37 'Alphée' / Lorient 16/5/2022

I am very satisfied to have entrusted Antipode with the sale of my sailboat: they know their job very well. François who took care of the sale, know wooden sailboats very well and he was able to appreciate and advise the new owner. Antipode looked after all the sales part and I only participated in the technical hand over and sea trials, a great way to say goodbye to this pretty boat.

Berty sold the First 45 'Ungava' / Arcachon 16/5/2022

A lovely story that began in August 2011 with Antipode for the purchase of a First 45 and which ended in February 2021 with the resale of the boat, still through the intermediary of the Antipode company. A renewed trust after 10 years and a resale thanks to his advice and skills, despite the detrimental Covid period. A perfectly well documented ad and perfect survey allowed a ‘remote’ sale, without prior visit from its new Swedish owner! The boat was delivered to Stockholm with a skipper recommended by Antipode. With all my thanks and see you soon, without hesitation for a new transaction.

Philippe sold the Pogo 1050 'Sea Runner' / Minorca 16/5/2022

Having owned 4 boats, after a tour of the Mediterranean, the decision was taken to sell my Pogo to take a break. Despite the complicated sanitary situation, the Antipode company knew how to manage a remote sale, in Spain which resulted with a navigation with the buyer who is very happy with his acquisition. Professionals, they handled the sale with much empathy.

Ignace bought the Pogo 1050 'Sea Runner' / Paimpol 16/5/2022

For several months, I had been looking for a Pogo 1050 to take over from the Pogo 850 which had delighted me for more than fifteen years. I discovered on the website of the company Antipode in Vannes, that one of the units that could do the job was at that time moored in Formentera in the Balearic Islands. In the midst of Covid restrictions, this could have been difficult. Antipode made me visit a unity of the same type based in Brittany so that I could see the characteristics of the boat. Antipode then set the conditions for a successful transaction and looked after all administrative aspects, making this acquisition secure and stress free.

Robert sold the Garcia Passoa 50 'Maloya' / La Réunion 16/5/2022

I would like to thank you for the efficiency you showed during the sale of my Garcia Passoa 50, a few weeks after the ad for my boat was online, I was able to welcome my future American buyer onboard in the Reunion Island. He was enthused by my sailboat and the sale was finalised within a few days and your team was remarkable for everything concerning the transfer of ownership of a French sailing boat to a Californian owner, all was dealt within a few days. MALOYA is now called VOYAGER de SAN DIEGO CA and is starting to navigate in the Indian ocean before sailing to the US. 

Danielle and Yves sold the Aquastar 38 'Odin' / Vannes 16/5/2022

We wanted to thank the whole Antipode team for the sale of our boat, ODIN. This is the second boat that we sell though you, never two without… Even if this boat was particularly atypical, Jérôme’s support was perfect all the way up the signature. Attentiveness and confidence are the key words that we were able to observe throughout the sale that was carried out in good conditions? Once again, bravo and thank you.

Serge sold the X40 'Recidive 3' / La Trinité sur Mer 16/5/2022

Once again, I am pleased to have asked Antipode and Jérôme Le Joubioiux to handle the sale of my sailing boat, an X 40. Indeed, in the middle of lockdown in the first phase of the Covid 19 pandemic, end 2020 and early 2021, Jérôme successfully carried out his mission just like he had done a few years earlier for my other boats. RECIDIVE 3, it’s her name and she has taken the road to… her birthplace, Denmark, in the first semester of 2021. ANTIPODE stays true to their reputation of serious, efficient, and competent professionals. Fortunately, and even if the boats models change this great professional does not change!

Emmanuel sold the Sun Odyssey 33i 'Shadok' / Lorient 16/5/2022

A sale for health reason, just after having equipped this Sun Odyssey 33 I (already bought with Antipode in 2018) for long and beautiful navigations, completely secure; new sails, new charts with AIS… the price reflected all this renewed equipment. Thanks to Antipode’s international network, the boat, sold to a German will be sailing in the Baltic Sea. Jean-Baptiste’s professionalism, competence and friendliness made this sale possible, for the satisfaction of the buyer and seller.

Alain sold the Bavaria 37 'Francesca 2' / Le Crouesty 16/5/2022

A page in our history is turning… and we would like to share our gratitude for all the attention that you paid during the follow up for the sale of our boat. You knew how to listen and hear what we wanted best. You always took the time to keep us informed at each step. Your professionalism honours you and we could trust you. Your kindness allowed us to feel supported. We wish you a great professional journey and much happiness that you will know how to share. We would like to specify that we particularly appreciated Jean-Baptiste Lemaire’s follow up, his professionalism and punctuality in transmitting the information in due time. His capacity at being attentive to answer our wishes best, his kindness, have supported us and brought us the confidence to sell our boat. In these very peculiar times, it is important that the quality of your agency be recognized.


Armelle and Robert sold the Allures 44 'Acquadoria' / Arzal 16/5/2022

If I had to award a prize to the Antipode company, it would no doubt be that of excellence! My review is based on two experiences that we have shared. In 2011, before preparing a long journey on an Allures 44 I decided to entrust the company Antipode with the sale of my Dufour 40. During the first meeting, I could appreciate Jérôme Le Joubioux’s professionalism: technical skills for the survey and advice. Commercial skills: aiming for the right compromise between the seller and the buyer. Transparent and precise communication during all the steps of the negotiation. Follow up all the way through up to the hand over by the future owner.

In 2020, after 9 years of sailing around South America our trip was interrupted in the Caribbean’s because of the Covid. Two years ahead of our schedule, we decided to bring the boat back to France and plan to sell her. Without hesitation, with confidence, we contacted Antipode and had the pleasure of meeting again with Jérôme, the experience asserted, the contact always as polite, motivated, and optimistic, remaining lucid thanks to his good knowledge of the market. Jean-Baptiste Lemaire took over from Jérôme and, despite the complicated health context, he remarkably carried out of all the steps that led to a successful sale of the boat to a Dutchman. Bravo Jean-Baptiste ! Bravo Jérôme.. and the whole ANTIPODE team.

Nicolas sold the First 50 'Warehorse' / Saint Malo 13/5/2022

I also take the opportunity of this e-mail to thank you, your team and in particular François for the efficiency with which he followed the life of my boat. In 2014, it was already François that sold me this boat. So, it was natural for me to turn to him when my programs, both professional and personal stopped me from sailing as much as such a boat demands and pushed me, with regret to sell. In this new phase, François and the whole Antipode team were present and allowed me in two months’ time to carry out this transaction. A sale, it isn’t a trivial act for this boat full of memories and embellished with numerous offshore races. One does not sell a boat like a common product and the support by professionals such as Antipode, allows to tick all the points in the right order without being distracted by the emotion. As soon as my organisation allows me to spare the time necessary to sail, I know who I will turn to for the purchase of my next boat. Thanks to the whole team!  

Catherine and Marc sold the Ovni 43 'Jason' / Lorient 13/5/2022

After 13 years of sailing around the world on our Ovni 43 we had to resolve to sell. As we did not wish to look after the sale ourselves, on the advice of friends we contacted the Antipode agency. The boat was sold at the asking price thanks to their large network, especially abroad, and this despite the pandemic. We would particularly like to thank Jérôme Le Joubioux for his professionalism, efficiency, wise advice, and his kindness. We also very much appreciated the time and support given to the new owners.

Alain sold the Boston Whaler Montauk 190 'Le Rofloc'h' / Arradon 13/5/2022

I sold my Boston Whaler Montauk 190 2016 in perfect condition through the company Antipode. The sale was concluded at the asking price in less than a week. All the paperwork, the lifting out of the water, the repair of the trailer were all cared for by Antipode with great speed and efficiency.

Lionel bought the Haliotis 38 'Morvran' / Guidel 13/5/2022

I fell in love with an Haliotis 38 in moulded wood sold in Baden through Antipode. The contact and the sale with the previous owner went smoothly and quickly thanks to the efficiency of Antipode’s services. Today I live happily in the Guidel marina on board of ‘Morvran’. A magnificent sailing boat full of charm.

I can only recommend the serious and efficient services provided by Antipode and I would like to warmly thank Jean-Baptiste Lemaire for his reactivity and professionalism.

Veronique and Daniel sold the Nimbus 380 Commander 'Manoka' / La Roche Bernard 13/5/2022

This is our third transaction through the Antipode company … and we are still as satisfied. Yet nothing was ever simple: the sale of an Antares series 9 to a Croat, the purchase of a Nimbus 380 from an Englishman and then the sale 6 years later of the same Nimbus to a Dutchman.

The organisation of transport, the follow up of all the paperwork and the relations between the seller and the buyer have always been perfect. Bravo to the whole team and especially to Jean-Baptiste Lemaire always very professional and imperturbable. Until next time?...

Xavier bought the Antares 36 'Swan II' / Cap d'Agde 13/5/2022

Purchase of an Antares 36 in Brest, destination Cap d’Agde through the Antipode company. François Mouchel’s professionalism as much for the acquisition as for the transport and delivery of the boat in the south of France. Highly recommended company, no hesitation for the choice of this company. I would also like to thank Julie for keeping track of the boat’s paperwork.

Gisele and Jean-Jacques sold the Antares 36 'Swan II' / Brest 13/5/2022

We were very happy with the way the sale of our Antares 36 was carried out. François is an outstanding seller, in no time he found the buyer, we had put the boat on sale with two other sellers and we have never heard back from them. We knew straight away that we were dealing with a real pro, dynamic and very friendly. In short, we are delighted!

Jean-Pierre sold the Sun Odyssey 379 'Azen-Du' / Paimpol 13/5/2022

Wishing to experience the joys of a multihull for a long time, I decided to take the plunge and acquire a Dragonfly. But first of all, I had to sell my Sun Odyssey 379 to be able to be reactive, this type of trimaran not being very common on the market. Having met Jérôme Le Joubioux at the time when he was working for a Beneteau dealer when I was buying a First 31.7 back in 2003. Having found him very friendly and professional, I decided to entrust him with the sale of my boat. After a meticulous tour of the 379 we agreed on a price at the high end of the market. In less than two months the sale was completed, I did not take care of any of the paperwork (the boat went to the Netherlands) nor the bank papers to end the leasing. So, thank you the Antipode team for such efficiency and skill.

Alain and Marie bought the Océanis 43 ‘Iaorana’ / Barcelona 18/2/2022

Thanks to the Antipode team for making the purchase of our boat Iaorana easier. A very good contact, a reassuring presence and very good advice. This transaction was carried out in the best conditions and we are delighted with our new boat. Once again, thank you so much and looking forward to another transaction… friendly regards !

Bernard bought the Antares 1080 'Caïpi' / Arcachon 22/10/2021

I had been looking for a few months for a powerboat, about 10m, twin engines, for a mixed used ; leisure and offshore fishing. I finally opted for an Antares 1080 on sale with Antipode in Vannes. The transaction was facilitated by Jean Baptiste Lemaire and the whole team’s availability and outstanding professionalism and today I do not regret my decision. I can therefore only recommend this very rigorous and attentive structure which is unfortunately very rare in my sector.

Dominique and Philippe bought the Lagoon 380 'Keltia' / La Rochelle 22/6/2021

Looking for a second hand owner’s version Lagoon 380, I came across an ad on Antipode’s website. After a phone call I found out that the boat was already under offer. The offer fell through and François Mouchel, the referent sales person for this boat, contacted us a few months later to inform us that the boat was on sale once again. We appreciated the contact with him very much, very professional yet relaxed and he is deeply passionate about the sea and boats. The transaction was carried out in a climate of great trust. From the first contact to the handing over of the boat, we were directed, kept informed and helped with confidence. We thank François for his efficiency and professionalism and the whole Antipode company thanks to whom we are very happy now sailing on our superb catamaran.

Jean-Noël bought the Dufour 382 GL 'Bambou 2' / Hyères 27/5/2021

I bought my Dufour 382 GL in June 2020 through the services of the company Antipode. Being based in the Mediterranean, I could not go back and forth to see the boat they had on offer.

I was delighted by this company’s performance, by the seriousness and competence of its staff and real service which allowed me to finalise my purchase. Indeed, the Saturday when I came to visit the boat, everything was ready, true to its description and ready for a sea trial (the boat was stored on land).

Finally, they had found the right expert to make the survey on the same day.

On the day of my departure for the Mediterranean, the boat was waiting for me at the indicated berth.  Antipode was waiting for me and all the paperwork was in order. I left the following day for a nice 12-day journey towards Hyères.

Just one last precision, even several months after the sale, I asked Antipode questions on the installation of a bow thruster and the quality of their service was just as excellent.

Daniel sold the Halvorsen Gourmet 32 Cruiser 'Teden' / Le Crouesty 20/5/2021

I entrusted Antipode with the sale of my Trawler Halvorsen Gourmet 32. It’s a boat that is fairly unknown and uncommon in Europe.

Jérôme Le Joubioux carried out this sale up to the delivery in Denmark, all the obstacles were perfectly mastered.

For a possible future sale of a boat, I would not hesitate to use Antipode’s service.

Philippe sold the Marino APB 27 'Nerelis 1' / Le Crouesty 20/5/2021

Thanks to Jérôme Le Joubioux and his team!  Congratulations for their patience and perseverance, their great professionalism, and their great integrity in serving of both parties. I was amazed by their concern to provide the buyer with such clear, exhaustive, precise information and without any surprises by using all possible means. As a result, in the middle of the pandemic, my Swedish buyer could by (great) distance get to know all that was possible to know about the boat and to buy with confidence. To buy or sell with Antipode Yachts, it’s really the guarantee of a transparent, enlightened and rigorous transaction. Great courtesy and perfect seriousness of the follow up also makes the transaction very pleasant.

Frédérique and Thierry bought the Ocqueteau 975 Fly 'Lilona III' / Arzal 20/5/2021

We were looking for a relatively simple power boat with a deck saloon. Antipode had a Ocqueteau 975 Fly on sale which seemed to meet our expectations. After two visits with Jérôme, the boss, and one sea trial, all that remained was the result of the survey offered by Antipode, to convince us that we had found the boat of our dreams. Following this more than convincing survey, the lifting out of the water and some minor upgrades paid for by the owner, we decided to buy this unit.  A big thank you to the Antipode team and particularly Jérôme and Jean-Baptiste, who, through their professionalism allowed us to make this acquisition in a great confident, relaxed, and pleasant atmosphere!

Thierry sold the Etap 32S 'Ti Mango' / Lorient 20/5/2021

I built my first boat, a Joshua, forty years ago… and since then twelve sailing boats have followed, aluminium sloop, moulded wood, monohull, and catamaran.

In 2017, after having spent two years sailing on the Mediterranean with my wife on a Lavezzi 40, I decided to turn the page on boats. That worked as well as a drunkard’s oath! My catamaran sold, I fell for an Etap 32 to stay in Brittany until cravings to sail further away took hold of us and I had a crush for a RM 10.50 without having even sold my Etap 32.

Until then I had bought and sold by boats by myself, without using a broker’s services. So, I started making some ads and found myself dealing with requests via the Internet, not always serious but time consuming.

Since I was more interested in spending time on my RM than dealing with hypothetical buyers, I turned to Antipode. Not entirely by chance, having managed for fifteen years a company that sells marina equipment, I know a lot of professionals in the nautical industry, and I can say that Antipode is one of the best and most serious.

I was right to call upon their services. They knew how to find the buyers that wished to sail on a quite simple and well-equipped boat. Above all, they knew how to inspire the confidence necessary for any successful transaction.

And I warmly recommend them because the buyer / seller intermediation is a real profession that they carry out with great talent.

Michel bought the Hallberg Rassy 372 'Astrée' /Spain 20/5/2021

Due to the accidental loss of my Dufour 380 I had to face the problematic of replacing it. The specifications were to find a beautiful boat of similar size, a recent second hand (tired of having to deal with all the problems that arise when launching a new boat)! This is how I came across an ad for a HR 372 on sale with Antipode. It was the first time that I bought a second hand boat and dealt with a broker. For me, broker was nothing but an intermediary and I quickly realized my mistake. From the first contact I realized that I was not dealing with “salesmen” but professionals that knew their products perfectly well and made sure that it corresponded to my expectations. All my questions were answered immediately.  All in a friendly atmosphere. When negotiating the price with the seller, Antipode had a very constructive attitude, and it was in fact only three days between the visit of the boat and the purchase. The boat being on land in Brittany and the destination was the Mediterranean, Antipode organised the transport on land. When the boat arrived, the boatyard was impressed by its preparation: photos, instructions, marking for the rigging. To conclude, I have only one regret that I did not know Antipode sooner which would have saved me the hassle of new boats.

Nathalie and Emmanuel bought the Dehler 38 'Ariane' / La Rochelle 20/5/2021

After several years on board a Sunrise 35 DL, we wished for a more recent boat, a little larger and more comfortable, fast yet keeping the cruising spirit. We saw Antipode’s offer of a superb Dehler 38 from 2015 ticking all the boxes! The contact was very easy and Jean-Baptiste, who took care of us, was an attentive, efficient and very pleasant interlocutor. We were quickly able to discover the boat during a very well-organized test day, combined with a survey, the day before the first lockdown in 2020… The rest of the discussions and exchanges went well in the very particular context of the time and the boat was ready to sail as soon as the maritime prefect authorized it. Antipode is a serious, competent, and friendly brokerage company!   

Alain sold the Princess 440 'Creol'h' / Le Crouesty 20/5/2021

To sell my boat, a Princess 440 based in the Crouesty Marina, I contacted Antipode that had been recommended by the company that serviced the engines. I was impressed by the reactivity, competence and professionalism by this company. This twenty-year-old boat was sold in less than 3 months to a Swedish client (thanks to their international network) that brought the boat back to Sweden a few days before the lockdown. They did exactly what they said, and the sales price was the one that we had agreed on. This transaction took about 1h of my time and about 3 to 4 phone calls! Hats off to Antipode!

Jean-Claude bought the Mojito 888 'Glaz' / Brest 20/5/2021

We were looking for a specific boat but there were very few on the second-hand boat market. When Antipode put a MOJITO 888 on sale, we immediately contacted them. We very much appreciated Antipode’s clear website and Jean Baptiste’s Lemaire’s reactivity. He always answered all our requests and led the transaction whilst looking for the best compromise for everybody. In the end, a transaction that was carried out by Antipode with great clarity and skills.

Jean-Claude bought the Prestige 36 'Grand Blanc' / Lorient 20/5/2021

I was very satisfied by Antipode’s transaction for the purchase of a Prestige 36 that met my expectations.

It is with pleasure that I would turn to them for a future transaction. Likewise, I recommend Antipode which is a serious company.

Michel sold the Dufour 34 'Andrea' / Le Crouesty 20/5/2021

I would like to thank Antipode Yacht who took care of the sale of our boat, a Dufour 34. The boat had not been lifted out of the water after a long stay in the marina and when a buyer came forward the survey revealed that the hull had osmosis. Living 500km away from Vannes it was difficult for me to be serious about finding solutions. From that moment on, Mr Le Joubioux has been very efficient (finding quotes for the cost of repair, sell as is, various very wise advice). I really appreciated the care he took in finding a solution that would satisfy the buyer as much as ourselves. The result was a quick sale. Once again thanks to the whole of the Antipode team and particularly Mr Le Joubioux. We counted on you and we were not disappointed.

Marie-France and Alain sold the Bavaria 37 'Francesca II' / Le Crouesty 19/4/2021

A page in our history is turning… and we wish to show our gratitude for the attention that you have given us during the follow-up for the sale of our boat.

You knew how to listen and hear what we wanted best. You always took the time to keep us informed every step of the way. Your professionalism honours you and we were able to trust you. Your kindness also allowed us to feel supported.

We wish you a beautiful career and a lot of happiness that you will know how to share.

In these peculiar times, it is important that the quality of your team is highlighted and recognized.

Please accept our sincere thanks.

Didier sold the Sun Odyssey 42 CC "La Royale" / Ile aux Moines 2/12/2020

A big thank you for everything and above all a great bravo for the efficiency and professionalism of the team. Thank you and bravo Jean-Baptiste for the quality of your work, your availability, and your support both with the seller that I was as much as for the buyer. We will have the opportunity when these Covid problems are behind us to celebrate with a friendly drink… it was a pleasure to see you work!

Francis bought the RM 1060 'Siam' / Marseille 16/11/2020

At the end of March 2020, during the lockdown, I was looking for a second hand sailing boat, and it was while surfing on the net that I came across Antipode that had a well-equipped RM 1060 in great condition for sale.

Seduced and put at ease by the quality of the website and especially the Buyer’s Guide, I immediately contacted them.

I was over 1 000 km away from the sailing boat and travelling was forbidden, the transaction was carried out by audio and video calls with François Mouchel who was my contact. I would like to highlight his availability, his friendliness and competence. He organised and followed the survey, the careening and launching of the boat!

As soon as I could travel and take possession of my boat, François was there for the grand tour and sea trial. Everything was as described in the ad, which allowed me to safely sail the 1700 nautical miles between Brittany and the Mediterranean.

For all these reasons, I warmly recommend Antipode which is a serious company.

Bruno bought the Oceanis 40 CC 'Kochka' / Bordeaux 24/9/2020

Soon to be retired with a head full of dreams of faraway navigations but little maritime experience, I decided to take the step from dream to reality. Yes, but a first purchase can quickly become a nightmare. I knew what I wanted. My requirements were based on the fact that I will be sailing on my own most of the time. An ad on the internet, a first phone contact with the Antipode agency, an appointment to see the boat of my dreams. Meeting with the team at the Mille Sabord show, and there I found the partner for my next adventures. They looked after everything. Once again thanks Jean-Baptiste Lemaire for his availability, sound advice, and his handling of the file from A to Z. I never felt that I was dealing with a seller or with a salesperson, but rather a witness of the transmission between the previous and the new owner. It’s beyond professionalism, it’s a whole state of mind.

Jacqueline sold the Oceanis 40 CC 'Kochka' / Lorient 24/9/2020

A big thank you to Jean-Baptiste Lemaire who gave me the right landmarks during the sale of my sailing boat. Jean-Baptiste understood the heartbreak that the sale of this boat represented for me. He rounded off the difficulties that this separation represented, he prepared the ground while leaving me some amplitude. He allowed me, throughout the navigation in the negotiations to stay on course and avoid skidding. The period of the sale was punctuated by briefings that allowed me to keep spirits high. I’ve had the opportunity to sell 8 boats and I have never encountered such a listening, such kindness and such efficiency.

Thierry bought the Hallberg Rassy 29 'Chamane' / La Rochelle 24/9/2020

Throughout the purchase process and even after (for the administrative procedures), the Antipode staff were serious and reactive. After the purchase, I benefitted graciously from a handover of the boat by a professional skipper. To sum up: a team of efficient and helpful professionals that I would gladly recommend to anyone that wants to buy or sell.

Gérard and Annaïck bought the Antares 30 'Azenor II' / Arradon 24/9/2020

Antipode, a truly competent team! We had decided after having owned several sailboats to buy a power boat which would allow us to navigate with speed and comfort on the entire French coast. During the last Mille Sabords, we visited several units, including a second hand ANTARES 30 Fly presented by Antipode. The welcome of the company director Jérôme and his deputy François was warm and professional. They made me visit the boat, gave all the explanations, and the next day when I came back with my wife, it was the same thing. Without wanting to force the sale, they gave us very complete files on the boat and on the sales process. Everything was clearly explained. The rest was simple. Our offer was quickly accepted by the owner. Then after having had complete survey carried out and discovered some problems, the costs of upgrading the engine, not previously well maintained, was fully supported for by the owner following Jérôme’s and François objective intervention. The financial aspect of the purchase was no problem. The process that followed was extremely simplified; a recommendation by Antipode for a boat yard for the intervention on the engine, information on the possibilities a place in the Crouesty port, etc. We were in permanent contact with Jérôme who arranged the new registration of the boat, kept in touch with the boat yard for the follow up of the work. We were fully looked after, supported, and secured and that until the planned takeover of the Antares. We are in a hurry to do so after this long lockdown due to the Covid 19 that has hit the world. Many thanks to the Antipode team, and especially to Jérôme and François, who have provided us with great support throughout the transaction and handover. And without any hesitation, when we will sell our boat, we will call Antipode.

The Company Fil Marine sold the Rhea 800 'Florelien 5' / Saint Cast 24/9/2020

Representing brands of demanding customers, we were very satisfied by François Mouchel’s availability and professionalism to help us sell this RHEA 800. Thanks to their network and experience, Antipode were able to make a sale possible where all parties were satisfied.

Jean-Jacques and Chantal sold the Dufour 385 'Alikea' / Loctudy 24/9/2020

Sale carried out in 3 months by a competent and professional administrative and commercial team with good knowledge of the market. Website and presentation of the boat made with great care. Thanks François and Julie for their work and availability throughout the sale. To recommend.

Jean-Claude bought the Dufour 34 'Lion des Flandres' / Brest 24/9/2020

We were looking for the “one in a million”: a fast, comfortable sailing boat in perfect condition. We had been going through the ads looking for the cruiser-racer of our dreams. It was Antipode’s ad, perfectly clear and well documented that caught our attention. Then everything went very fast: contact and appointment to visit the boat with François Mouchel from Antipode. His complete and professional presentation and availability allowed us to make our decision from the first visit. Then François organised a meeting with the owner, sea trial, crane handling, survey…. The entire administrative part was ensured by Antipode: a perfect service. The transparency provided by François’ kindness during this transaction was a major asset for us. Thanks to the whole Antipode team for their professionalism and warm contact.

Yves bought the Bavaria 44 'Falco' / Arzal 24/9/2020

I met François Mouchel, sales representative at Antipode in an honest and upright fashion! What can I say, François showed me Falco, a Bavaria 44 moored in Brest. I did not have any doubts during the transaction. François came along for the sea trial and put me in touch with Jean-Paul, the previous owner, what a joy! Since then, before the lockdown, I have sailed with Jean-Paul to Arzal …. Thank you, François from Antipode. I’m preparing for a grand safe sail because I have a boat that is in great condition, thanks to your advice.

Jean-Paul sold the Bavaria 44 'Falco' / Brest 24/9/2020

Trusting a stranger to sell the boat that we have cherished for many years is not easy. It was a friend of the pontoon that advised me the company Antipode. We made a good contact very quickly. All the preparation for the sale was done with confidence. François the representative of Antipode was available and at our service. There is no chitchat… everything is clear. The work is done seriously and in all transparency. My boat was sold at the right price within 3 months. I thank François and the whole team. If I were to buy another boat, I know now who I would ask! Kenavo.

Anne and François sold the Sun Odyssey 42.2 'Arakao' and bought the RM 1200 'Menehune' / Le Crouesty 24/9/2020

When we contacted Antipode, we gave them a double challenge: sell our boat and find a new one suitable to our program. The mission was accomplished within 3 months! We saw the rigour and great professionalism of the team members. Antipode really stands out from its competitors by its approach to the “customer”: listening, dialogue and advice.

Paul-Henri sold the J88 'Manilo' / Les Sables d'Olonne 24/9/2020

I contacted Antipode to sell my J88, a magnificent racer built by J Boats in Sable d’Olonne. This boat was however difficult to sell as it is a very recent boat, not much used and quite expensive for a sailboat of this size.  The market being almost non-existent in France, we managed to sell this boat in Russia thanks to Antipode’s network and close to the set price. So very satisfied of this operation.

Stéphanie and Régis bought the Oceanis 31 'Eglantine 4' / La Turballe 24/9/2020

We wish to thank the Antipode team for their professionalism, their sympathy and availability. Indeed, for us it concerned a transition from the world of power boats to that of sailing with all the questions and worries that comes with. The company Antipode knew how to answer our questionings and allowed us to slowly immerse in the world of sailing. With all our thanks. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

Constance and Cyril sold the Dufour 425 'Hoggar' / Nantes 24/9/2020

We called Antipode for a second time to help us find a boat for a family tour of the Atlantic. Once again, the team was very reactive and professional, and we found a boat that answered all our requirements. We made our trip over 6 months without any problem and resold our boat through Antipode in a record time upon our return. We will certainly call them for a future purchase.

Nicolas bought the A 31 'Barouf' / Saint Nazaire 24/9/2020

Novice in the world of cruising and racing, I bought my first IRC racing boat with Antipode. The experience was excellent from start to finish and Antipode provided impeccable service in all respects. Personally, I always felt that they listened to me and I felt safe which is really important as a buyer. Jérôme Le Joubioux and all the interlocutors I dealt with were exemplary. The Antipode team were great protectors of my interests as a buyer. Then technically, it was flawless, all the information was clear, sent to all. Finally, financially; clarity and seriousness at all stages, everything happened quickly, smoothly and in good harmony. It is a very, very high-level sales service. I sincerely hope to have more opportunities to work with Antipode.

Jean-Yves sold the A31 'Barouf' / La Trinité sur Mer 24/9/2020

To sell my A31, based in La Trinité sur Mer and me in Paris, I called upon Antipode’s services on the recommendations of several marine professionals. I had the opportunity to exchange with Jérôme Le Joubioux and Jean-Baptiste Lemaire and I immediately realised that I was talking to experienced sailors that knew how to take into account all the components allowing to sell my boat at the right price. I appreciated the all-inclusive service along with the relationship of mutual trust. I recommend all the seriousness and professionalism of Antipode.

Thierry and Corinne bought the Oceanis 41.1 'Erval' / Le Crouesty 24/9/2020

I happened to be on the pontoons of the “Mille Sabord“ show in the autumn of 2019. I met the Antipode team and quickly felt at ease. They showed me a boat that could suit me by talking about the navigation aspects and this without harassing me with sales arguments. The visit was pleasant and went well. They always had a serious answer to my questions. I quickly made the purchase. This is when I most appreciated all the seriousness of the company: follow up, advice, punctuality, availability.  I can only recommend this broker company. I will certainly call them when I will sell my boat and buy the next one.

Philippe and Michèle sold the Super Maramu 2000 'Oli' / Quiberon 24/9/2020

The sale of our Super Maramu 2000 was greatly facilitated by the professionalism and devotion of the Antipode team, with a special mention for Jean-Baptiste Lemaire. From our first meeting, he established a relationship of trust that has only grown stronger thanks to his great availability and seriousness. He constantly kept us informed after each visit, not counting his time and always in a very friendly manner. He took care of all the paperwork and gave excellent advice on how to put the boat in the best conditions for the sale.
We received the payment at the end of the sale very quickly, which does not harm!
We warmly thank Antipode and recommend them for any transaction without any hesitations.
Thanks again Jean-Baptiste and good luck for the future!

Françoise sold the Sun Odyssey 44I 'Maelo' / Le Crouesty 24/9/2020

It was on the recommendations of a friend that I decided to entrust Antipode with the sale of my Sun Odyssey 44 I. I really appreciated Jerôme Le Joubioux’s  kindness and respect as it was a very difficult stage for me. The contact was clear, simple, without problems, and the file given to any seller is very well explained and complete. I recognize the professionalism of the team and Antipode found a buyer for my boat in a very short time,  while taking into account my desire to find a new owner that would be as serious and meticulous as my husband was. They took care of everything, all necessary steps, from the detailed inventory to preparing the boat for the sale. They solved all the technical problems so that the boat would be delivered to the buyer in the best conditions. I can only praise the professionalism of the Antipode team and highly recommend them without any hesitations. I will certainly talk about them if any of my friends want to sell their boat. I take this opportunity to thank Jérôme and the whole team once again.

Yves and Philippe sold the Oceanis 43 'Imagine' / Le Crouesty 24/9/2020

Regular visitors of the Crouesty show, we contacted you for the sale of our Oceanis. My partner Philippe had noticed the impeccable presentation of the boats you were selling. You explained the conditions of presentation perfectly well, demanding, and very effective. You carefully finalised the last little details that had escaped us. The estimation, the implementation of the boat at the show, the negotiation, the lifting out of the water, the survey and the paperwork were of a rare efficency, the sale was settled in a record time : the boat was sold the very first day ! Precision, concision, rigor, top note for Antipode ! One last word : Thank you !

Yves sold the Oceanis 40 'Tamarin' / Vannes 24/9/2020

A few months ago, I entrusted Antipode with the sale of my Oceanis 40 as I know that they have large customer base. Jérôme Le Joubioux proved to be a major asset for the smooth running of this project. His professionalism allowed him to reach our common objective very quickly. From the first contact I was seduced and put at ease. The team is dynamic, discrete, reactive, and always available. Thanks again for this great achievement.

Serge sold the Sun Odyssey 32 'L'Illiade' / Port Haliguen 24/9/2020

We sold our Sun Odyssey 32 I through Antipode. We had an excellent contact with Jérôme Le Joubioux and from the start we appreciated the seriousness and rigour of their sales protocol. Initially I was very sceptical about the sales deadline announced by Antipode which seemed unrealisable considering the second-hand boat market and the constraints of the calendar. In fact this sale took place within a very short time, and we were able to very quickly realise our new project to acquire a larger boat and sail as of this summer an even benefit from the advice of the expert chosen by Antipode when purchasing our new boat. We recommend the professionalism, the seriousness and friendliness of Antipode.

Christophe sold the Lucia 40 'Jozef' / Arradon 24/9/2020

It is not an easy thing to sell an almost new, owner version catamaran in Brittany… The time was not favourable, but the deal was smoothly managed by the Antipode team who were able to bring their expertise and experience, even for this type of boat. Antipode has a performant website, also appealing to foreign customers, showing the boat in the smallest details and at last the aspect “we look after everything” can justify a high commission and the ability to technically replace a failing dealer despite the boat yard guarantee was all an undeniable plus.

Jeanne and Guy sold the Feeling 416 'Treca 2' / La Trinité sur Mer 24/9/2020

Thanks to the company Antipode, we sold our boat, a FEELING 416 from 1998, within 3 months. We were the third owners and had been sailing for ten years. Even though our Feeling is in perfect condition and fully equipped for a world tour, the sale which we had decided because of our age, was not easy. We had the chance to meet Antipode who take took care of the sale of our boat. The sales strategy of this company, the dynamism and seriousness of the team, whose advice we followed, allowed for the boat to be sold within 3 months (put on sale on 19/03/01 sale signed 19/05/20). We are satisfied with the sale price and the seriousness of the transactions carried out by the company Antipode. We were lucky to have met this yacht brokerage company and were right to listen to their advice.

Yves bought the Sun Odyssey 30I 'Niobe' / Arzal 24/9/2020

To buy our first sailboat, we found the advice and support that we were looking for from Antipode.  The complete file for the description of the boat, the accompaniment during the visit, the organisation of the lifting out of the water and the survey, the handover on the day of the delivery: I had never bought a boat and it was a first successful experience.

Cécile and Guillaume bought the RM 1200 'Penn Gwen' / Lorient 22/7/2019

From the first visit and throughout the whole sales process, we were accompanied by an available, friendly, competent and attentive team. The whole process was carried out quickly and very efficiently, notably when it came to the negotiation of the selling price. On the administrative level, they looked after everything (very nice as we don’t enjoy paperwork very much!).

For the handover of the boat Jean-Baptiste Lemaire proved to be very available, kind and professional. Those 2 days were very informative and pleasant and allowed us to take control of the boat very quickly.

A Big thank you to the whole team.

André sold the Bavaria 38 'Tandem' / La Trinité sur Mer 22/7/2019

Antipode is a professional team!

From the initial contact, you are very well guided, everything is well explained verbally and the little file they give you is there to confirm all the events that follow.

Then nothing but joy, you are very well kept up to date of what’s happening by e-mail and they also go out of their way to phone to keep you informed.

If any little problem arises, they will give you support and find a solution.

The different phases are settled with documents that are very clear and the financial payments, down payment and balance, are settled without delay!

I can warmly recommend Antipode without any hesitations. It was already thanks to a recommendation that I learned about them.

Bravo and thanks to everyone, especially to Jérôme who took me under his wing.

Thierry sold the pogo 1050 'Maito' / Porquerolles and bought the XP 38 'Extrado' / Vannes 22/7/2019

When I decided to sell my Pogo 1050 I called upon the services of a broker in the Mediterranean but after 6 unsuccessful months I decided to change and came across Antipode’s website. They were selling the XP 38 that I was interested in; very quickly I had a good contact with the interlocutors at Antipode and I asked them to sell my boat before I could buy the XP 38. Soon enough Mr Le Joubioux contacted me for a visit of the Pogo that was in Porquerolles, the sale was quickly done with the purchaser at the conditions offered. Being very professional and reactive, Antipode looked after everything on the technical and administrative level.

I was able to buy my new boat with the same quality of service and I thank the Antipode team that made a great job and I know the difficulties as I have already sold two boats myself with all the paperwork and difficult visits involved…. And Antipode continues the follow up even after the sale which is even more appreciable. So 200% satisfaction for Antipode!

Martine and Guy sold the Oceanis 45 'Ere Nahia II' / Lorient 22/7/2019

We testify all our satisfaction to the Antipode’s sales team represented by Jérôme Le Joubioux and Jean-Baptiste Lemaire as our Oceanis 45 ERE NAHIA II was wold within 2 months.

Indeed, the presentation on the website is very professional with complete 360° vision photos of the interior as well as of the equipment, highlighting all the care that we have given to the maintenance and decoration of this boat. It’s a lot of yourself that you show and we are very happy to know that that the new owner will continue to make this boat sail with a great transatlantic navigation program.

Jacques bought the Bavaria 33 'Arrimoana' / Arzon 22/7/2019

Buying an under equipped boat that required substantial upgrading is not an easy exercise and knowing perfectly well what I want and don’t want it was with a very critical eye that I visited this Bavaria 33. Jérôme Le Joubioux proved to be a true negotiator with real advice, courtesy and respect. The necessary investments were made, the sailing boat is now exactly as we want her and is making us very happy. Thanks!

Nicolas sold the Ovni 36 'Zingaro' / Lorient 22/7/2019

Selling your boat is not an easy thing to do, especially after 25 years of loyal service and over 30 000 nautical miles together!  I could not mess up the end. And it’s in these delicate moments that you appreciate the professionalism of the people that accompany you. The Antipode team and in particular Jérôme Le Joubioux were just that: professional, precise, attentive, always giving good advice and at the right distance to carry through the transaction.

And Jérôme did not only win our highest esteem but also that of our buyer! So here we say, “bravo and thank you!” If it was to do all over again? Without hesitation, Antipode and Jérôme! If I one day decide to buy another boat? Antipode! Do I recommend Antipode? YES!

Stephane bought the Nord Star 28 'Malafa' / Lorient 22/7/2019

You would really have to be dishonest to have something negative to say! Indeed, Mr Le Joubioux is a true professional, very well organised and very kind. For the purchase of my boat, things went perfectly well; visit, sea trial, lifting out of the water, delivery, paperwork. To conclude, I highly recommend this company and I take the opportunity to thank Mr Le Joubioux and the whole Antipode team again.

Caroline and Patrice bought the Sun Odyssey 42.2 'Bella Ciao' / Morlaix 22/7/2019

Bella Ciao, the Sun Odyssey 42.2 we bought in November 2018 at the Mille Sabord second hand boat fair with Antipode is now based in Morlaix.

The navigations we have made from our home port are at the week-end towards the Aberwrach or the Lannion bay (Locquirec), the 7 îles and Perros- Guirec in an enviable comfort.

We have also made longer cruises with a complete sense of security sailing to the Scilly Isles, off the Welsh coast, Guernsey and the Channel Islands. Unexpected and unforeseen encounter with Antipode on the pontoons at the Mille Sabord in Le Crouesty. After looking for a boat for over 18 months between Le Havre et La Rochelle we decided to go to the largest French boating trade fair. We spotted 3 boats under 40 feet. Disappointment. Each time the general condition was doubtful or the price above our means! And then, walking around the pontoons a Sun Odyssey 42.2. The general appearance is irreproachable. The navigation equipment was complete. A discussion with the seller shows his professionalism and that of the company that he represents. We were well advised! We also felt confident. A negotiation started and a sale agreement that was acceptable to us was found. We were won over! The only problem, the boat was larger than planned for and the budget exceeded. Notwithstanding we decided to buy her as she corresponded to our current life project. Navigation and life onboard for 18 months and then preparation of the boat followed by a sail across the Atlantic and around the world.

We have been sailing for 6 months and our satisfaction is matching our wishes for comfort and life on board.

Bertrand sold the Dufour 34 'Massaï' / La Trinité sur Mer and bought the Dufour 405 'Oceanide VIII' / La Trinité sur Mer 22/7/2019

Thanks to the Antipode team that knew how to manage the sale of my previous boat and the purchase of the new one in a very professional way.

Antipode accompanied me throughout the different phases of the transaction during and after the sale.

I gladly recommend this company and its team whose seriousness is something that you don’t see often enough in the boating business.

Sylvaine and Raymond sold the Dufour 405 'Oceanide VIII' / Arzon 22/7/2019

Our Dufour 405 had been on sale for a few months without much success. After having met JB Lemaire we let Antipode look after the transaction as well as all administrative formalities.

Everything was carried out as quickly as possible.

Efficiency and professionalism are the key words of this small team.

Thanks again to our interlocutor JB Lemaire.

Sébastien bought the Aluminium 46 feet boat 'Vert Désert' / Polynesia 22/7/2019

Thanks to the whole Antipode team for their skill and availability, especially Julie and Clément. The purchase of a boat, an aluminium sailboat of 46 feet was possible thanks to the good sensible advice Mr Dorso gave me. He took the necessary time for everything to go smoothly. I highly recommend.

Agnès and Jean-Claude sold the Ovni 345 'Sanderling' / Crouesty 16/10/2018

A successful sale is when "the buyer and the seller are both completely satisfied"
When Mr Jean-Baptiste LEMAIRE contacted me for the sale of my boat, I handed him a detailed inventory without much conviction thinking "we'll see ...", then the contact was established. He was very available, listened to us, and knew how to bring us and the buyer closer to a realistic price that could be accepted by both parties, very professional!

I thank "Antipode" for the quality of the work done, the clarity and the way they looked after my boat. We thank the entire Antipode team, if another opportunity comes up, I will renew my confidence.

Emmanuel bought the Sun Odyssey 33 'Schadok' / Lorient 16/10/2018

With the purchase of this boat, I appreciated Jérôme Le Joubioux’s competence, effectiveness and objectivity, in the information provided, the sea trial and the improvements of the boat. The sailing boat corresponds to the cruising program that I had given him. He quickly got me two competitive offers: a new set of sails well adapted to my program and an insurance. The problem with the reefing system was quickly solved before the sale with the support of a rigging specialist. I was given complementary information after the sale when I had questions. I’m happy with the navigations on this sailing boat, after 40 000 nautical miles on other boats.

Olivier sold the Sun Fast 32i 'Jog II' / Crouesty 16/10/2018

When you own a boat it is never easy to let go, so when you sell you want it to go well. In September 2017, I decided to sell our Sun Fast 32i, ‘JOG 2’. I wanted to entrust a serious provider / partner. After various contacts I choose ANTIPODE, represented by Jérôme Le Joubioux. From the beginning and all along the selling procedure, the relationship was courteous, serious, direct, all in all efficient and professional. The sale was carried through in the timing that I had set for myself (spring 2018). The ANTIPODE team looked after everything, from the smallest details, present and available, the ANTIPODE team fulfilled their role, including in the unavoidable last negotiations. A big THANK YOU to the whole team.

Frédéric sold the Sun Fast 3200 'Etna' / Crouesty 16/10/2018

Jérôme Le Joubioux that had done a splendid job selling my X 332 in 2010, sold my Sun Fast 3200 in May at the price we estimated and within the time expected. Jérôme did more than finding a buyer and overseeing the necessary repairs required before the sale of my Sun Fast so that the buyer discovered a perfectly healthy boat.

Christian sold the Moody 44 'Baba Jaga' / Port Blanc 16/10/2018

I am happy to have called upon the services of Antipode, a real broker who gives his time and his fair and reasoned estimate for the price of the boat. This allowed the sale of the boat to be negotiated in a record time without any worries, all with very friendly and helpful professionals. Bravo.
1 month later, having already bought another boat, I have met many sellers some of whom called themselves brokers, I saw the difference. It is clear from the moment you visit their website, sometimes these second-hand boats don’t even have pictures nor a description.
One of my relatives plans to sell his boat, it is certain that he will call Antipode!

Bruno bought the Moody 44 'Baba Jaga' / La Rochelle 16/10/2018

My experience with Jean-Baptiste at Antipode has been extremely positive.

Negotiating with the owner was easy and fast due to immediate answer to any inquiry.

Jean-Baptiste was very clear and honest in his and description of the boat.

We even came up with a list of works that should be done on this boat.

The service they offered was totally professional from paper works to picking me up at the station.

No doubt when I will sell this Moody 44 will I use their services again.

Benoit bought the JPK 960 'Stergann' / La Rochelle 16/10/2018

First of all, the ad was very clear and had many pictures.
The description of the boat was detailed enough to give a very good idea of the general condition.
In addition to this, Jean-Baptiste and the whole team were very professional in organizing; sea trials, lifting the boat out for the expertise, repairs of the sails that were required, picking up the materials left with the previous owner, and in particular negotiating and fixing a defaulting electronic sensor.
The service was really perfect and Jean-Baptiste’s skills were the best for the purchase of this kind of boat ...
Nothing to complain about. It was a pleasure to do business with Antipode.

Francois sold the Dufour 405 'Poutchi' / Port La Forêt 16/10/2018

I want to congratulate Antipode for their very professional and efficient intervention. I also had the demonstration of the usefulness of your network, especially in northern Europe


Antoine bought the Sun Odyssey 40 'So Happy'/ Nantes 28/3/2018

I contacted Antipode after having seen that they had a Sun Odyssey 40 for sale. I dealt with Jean-Baptiste Lemaire with whom I had a good contact straight away. First of all, he listened to my project and then told me about the boat’s history and specific details. We then agreed to visit the boat. We made a thorough visit, each question was answered, he really knows his case, it’s very pleasant. Sales agreement, survey, insurance, sale, the support is complete. All went really well, Catharina and Jean-Baptiste is a great team and I’m very grateful.

René bought the Dufour 38 'Jameryn' / Brest 27/3/2018

Thanks to the Antipode team and particularly to Jérôme Le Joubioux for his professionalism and availability. When you buy a boat, it is really important to be able to count on objective advice even though the person is concerned by the successful result of the sale.

Françoise bought 'Pause' Range Boat 39 / La Rochelle 23/3/2018

I already knew Jérôme Le Joubioux from prior transactions (sale of 2 sailing boats and the purchase of another 2). When it was time to sell the actual boat and buy another one it was normal for me to call Antipode as it had gone really well the previous times.

I had a pretty clear idea for my new boat, his team understood my wishes perfectly well. The sale and purchase transactions were super-fast (just over one month). The support was perfect and I’m very happy with my purchase. Thank you again and well done to the whole team.

Yves sold the Pogo 40 'Bongo' / Crouesty 13/12/2017

In March 2017, I decided to sell my Pogo 40 cruising version, based at Crouesty, before the end of 2017. Upon a recommendation, I met Jerome Le Joubioux from Antipode.

I must say that I was totally satisfied with the relationship with Mr Le Joubioux, throughout this operation which lasted a few months.

Both in terms of the evaluation of my boat, the fixing the sale price, the online ads on the internet, visits (many that I have never attended), sea trials (only 1 with the 'final buyer'), negotiations and the final sale with an Australian client, everything was done with great clarity, simplicity and professionalism.

And I never lost time with fake buyers!

Finally, I sold my boat in October 2017 as I wished and I kept an excellent relationship with my buyer.

Erwan sold the Jeanneau 57 'Sterenn II' / Lorient 10/12/2017

I sold my 57ft sailboat with the help of Antipode. Reactivity, efficiency and professionalism are their assets. For the price of this type of unit, I was particularly impressed of the speed between the creation of the online ad and the visits of customers on board. Chilly and septic at the start, today Jérôme LE JOUBIOUX and his Assistant Catharina HOLMBERG have all my confidence and my gratitude. Unfortunately, in the sailing industry, I had been disappointed by the paradox between the commercial speech and the reality of the facts. With the exception of Antipode! As proof, if it were possible, I would have signed my next 64 feet, new, with Antipode and not with my current dealer. This goes to say that trust is easier to lose than to win.

Stéphane sold the Oceanis 43 'Gwen Askell' / Guilvinec 14/10/2017

Well done for the Antipode teal for the sale of our Oceanis 43. The transaction was quick and carried out in a climate of trust and simplicity. This team looks for the best compromise between the seller and the buyer, and totally respect the commitments made. To be recommended.

Danièle bought the Pogo 850 'Bigorn'ô' / Lorient 27/9/2017

I am delighted to have used Antipode’s services to buy my new sailing boat this summer.

The transaction went fast and was made easy by the availability of the whole Antipode team. Great follow up, very professional and efficient team, attentive to their jclients’ requests. Thank you!

Eric bought the Maxi 1100 'Valmarine' / Lorient 13/9/2017

The purchase of a boat is always a great moment, very important, in the life of a sailor.

Jérôme Le Joubioux is a great listener, he took the time to understand what type of navigation I was looking for, he knew how to advice me and make me profit from his knowledge all along the transaction. He is a true professional; he knows his limits and does not hesitate to ask other professionals if there is any doubt on a particular question, he keeps his words before, during and especially after the transaction.

This allowed me to take the step, in good faith, and buy the boat of my dreams.

A big thank you to the Antipode team.

Yves bought the Mojito 888 'Fille du Trého' / La Trinité sur Mer 9/6/2017

What a number that Antipode ! It is also an exceptional broker in Vannes that assists you with cordiality in the purchase and sale of boats. Since 50 years I’ve sold and bought my boats by myself. Coming of age I tried to sell Coloane an  11m Etap that I sailed with for 10 years over 10 000 n miles. I asked around the good professionals in La Trinté sur Mer that sent me to Antipode. Two exceptional men with a heavy background of sailing and transactions. Two great professionals. Very organized, efficient, available, precise, polite, solid, realistic and honest!

Very satisfied with the sale of Coloan, I bought my Fille du Trého a one year old Mojito 888  with them. Antipode resolved all the issues after the survey with much elegance. In their line of work they are the best that I have met. Real boat lovers.

Gilles bought the Oceanis 31 DL 'Viminick' / La Trinité sur Mer 6/6/2017

I contacted Antipode for the purchase of an Oceanis 31 DL based in La Trinité. Jean-Baptiste Lemaire was the person that I was in touch with throughout the whole time of the transaction. Professional, reactive and nice, our exchanges were always honest, direct and friendly. Mr Lemaire played his role as intermediary between me and the seller perfectly and managed in my absence the mission of the surveyor that I had ordered, spent a whole day with me in La Trinité for the handover of the boat, ordered, paying them directly, different services on the boat to replace pieces with defaults and looked after the administrative procedures for the transfer of ownership. I appreciated that he was always listening, reactive and considerate and I thank the whole Antipode team for their professionalism and efficiency. 

Claude sold the Dufour 455 Grand Large 'C Chouette' / Greece 2/6/2017

In two years on my own I did not manage to sell my Dufour 455 Grand Large. Thanks to Antipode's services the sale was carried out in a few months. With the buyer we are both very happy that we called on this very professional company.

Hence many thanks to Jérôme Le Joubioux and his team.

Igor bought the Seascape 27 'Seven Seas' / La Trinité sur Mer 23/3/2017

How great to have someone listen to your concerns, give you advice when wish to buy yourself a sailing boat. The Antipode team accompanied me in my project, taking into consideration my navigation program and my imperatives.

I’m delighted with my purchase, the quality of the boat and the finesse at the tiller. Furthermore, the contacts supplied by Antipode for the insurance and  the inboard electronics proved to be very competent and competitive.

Hervé bought the IMX 38 'Crazy Six' / Marseille 8/2/2017

When I was buying my new boat I was in touch with Jean-Baptiste Lemaire. I have to say that I was very well advised and the follow up for the transaction was particularly efficient. I thank him once again. His tenacity will no doubt be useful for his future navigations.

Patrick bought the A 40 'STERGANN' / Folleux 2/2/2017

After having spent 8 years racing in the Arcachon Bay I wanted to return to a program on the sea combining racing and fast cruising on the Atlantic. The A 40 by Archambault had already caught my eye when she came out in 2003. An ad by Antipode made me get in touch with Jérôme Le Joubioux, a good professional, he knows how to position himself in a negotiation and if one day I should resell Stergann, I would definitely return to the Antipode team as the previous owner Jean-Philippe did as the team is very efficient and welcoming. The boat has kept her name, she is based in the harbor of Verdon but as of this summer she will come back to Folleux and the area, because even in December the region seemed magnificent. 

Jean-Philippe sold the A 40 'Stergann' / Golfe du Morbihan 1/2/2017

I entrusted the sale of my A 40 to Jérôme Le Joubioux from Antipode as it was through his intermediary that I had bought her. He had been very efficient in the difficult phase of negotiation and been able to find the best compromise.  This time again he was very efficient and the boat was sold within less than a month. The organization of the sale, the follow up and the balance between the demands of the seller and the buyer allowed to finalize a sale in which each felt satisfied. Congratulations again to the whole team for your efficiency and happy sailings to the new owner!

François bought the Feeling 39 DI 'Umanak' / Trinité sur Mer 1/2/2017

Thanks to the Antipode team and in particular to Jérôme Le Joubioux, who allowed me to find the boat that corresponds to my program, a Feeling 39 DI.

I particularly appreciated their warm contact, their reactivity and their efficiency as much on the sales, administrative and logistics side… 

Loïc sold the Dufour 375 'Super Nana'/ Le Crouesty 1/2/2017

I’m writing to testify my satisfaction. I particularly appreciated the quality of the presentation of my sailing boat at the Milles Sabords trade fair and your professionalism concerning the negotiation on the international stage.

Daniel and Véronique sold the Antares Serie 9 'Kan Ar Mor' / La Roche Bernard 1/2/2017

Jean Baptiste LEMAIRE remains courteous and patient at all times ... as we had already appreciated during a previous collaboration when we bought our new power boat, a Nimbus 380 owned by an Englishman mid 2015.

This time, in a slow market, he found a Croatian customer ... to buy in December 2016 our former powerboat, an Antares Series 9 which we had stored on dry land. Of course the negotiation was tough and there was a price reduction but Jean Baptiste LEMAIRE found a compromise respecting, it seems to us, the interests of both parties, all this was done in English (not in Croatian anyway).

Catharina HOLMBERG, the highly effective Sales Assistant, and Jérôme LE JOUBIOUX, the Company Director, actively supported Jea-Baptiste in this "adventure". We are therefore always ready to recommend the services of this great team! ... We’ll see you for next change of boats.

Christian bought the Etap 37 S 'Coloane 2’' Le Crouesty 31/1/2017

To find the boat of your dreams is better than spending time to look for her…

In these times were the offers are multiplied, it is not easy to choose and more than anything to make the right choice.

I decided to go to the Mille Sabords, the trade show in Le Couesty, and I discovered Antipode’s website. This very professional website allowed me to choose the sailing boats that corresponded to my choice in a few minutes and a first tour with a 360° view.

The technical information can be downloaded and the rendez-vous with Jean-Baptiste allowed me to get to know the boat.

It is a real advantage to meet with specialists that are not only sellers but also navigators that could check with us that the boat answered our desires and needs. The advice to find a surveyor , the price negotiation and the small repairs done before the sale convinced me of the effectiveness of this team that knows perfectly well how to find the good compromise to satisfy the buyer and the seller.

I highly recommend to all of those who wants to find a second hand boat that suits them to contact Antipode.

They will accompany you through to the handover of the boat and all this with a smile.

Jean Alexis sold his Super Maramu 2000 'Bigouz' / Brest 24/11/2016

Message to all sailors !

At the age of 78 years old I decided to sell out ketch Super Maramu 2000 (BIGOUZ) with which my wife and I have sailed around the Atlantic and then as our boat was in Martinique we spent the 6 winter months sailing around the Caribbean. Upon the advice of one our 3 sons, a sailor himself, and we bought his previous boat with Antipode, we contacted Jérôme Le Joubioux.

Thus it is with Jérôme Le Joubioux that the sale was done last July.

I appreciated his efficiency, his advice as much on the preparation as on the conditions of the sale, his availability, all in all a real professional.

Thanks Antipode !

Frédéric bought the Caparros 36 'Rev' d'Iles' / Finistère 15/9/2016

The purchase of a second hand boat is not without risks, this is why it is good to lean on the skills of a broker renowned in the business.

We had been looking for “the one”, that would come at the right price and the nautical qualities validated by marine surveyors and it is by chance that we found her thanks to our internet searches that brought us to the Antipode website.

Our Caparros 36 had just been put on sale by the owner that two years previously used Antipode’s services for his purchase.

After a first visit in May with the boat out of the water with Jean-Baptiste who knew the boat perfectly well, a sea trial a month later, we were convinced that this was the multihull for us. After this there was a small negotiation during which Jean-Baptiste played his role perfectly well in the mutual interest of both parties and here we are at the end of July at the helm of  "Rev' d’Iles" thanks to the efficiency of the Antipode team.

During our first days at sea, a small technical problem on the engine came up, there was an immediate response on behalf of Antipode, on a technical and financial level, anxious to bring us real support until the complete hand over of the boat.

From the first day we contacted Antipode until today and tomorrow as well, we have found by our side such a professional team, efficient and friendly that we could do nothing but recommend their services to any seller or buyer of a second hand boat.

Jean-Philippe and Brigitte sold the Lipari 41 'Carpe Diem II' / Greece 24/8/2016

We found a foreign buyer for our Lipari 41 that was moored in Athens but the sale seemed very complicated to us perhaps even insurmountable for us humble neophytes.

That was without counting on Antipode!

We knew Jean-Baptiste et Lemaire since a few years ago and had kept great friendly relations. Thus having had several opportunities to appreciate his professionalism and seriousness it was without a doubt in serenely that we missioned him to take care of all the procedures for the sale of our boat. And we did the right thing !

With Jerome and Catharina, the three of them handled this sale with a masters’ hand, on all levels, administrative, financial, legal as well as with the exchanges with the buyer, all of this in either French or English.

This hole nice team proved to be available, quick to respond with kindness, skill, rigor and efficiency.. . and also with patience and flexibility because God knows that we had a few Greek/French administrative imbroglios throughout this sale.

They also knew how to gain the trust of the purchaser, which was not won in advance but proved essential as the procedures were long with many difficulties between Greece, France, Switzerland and Jersey !

Well done to the whole team and many thanks !

To all of those who would like to sell or buy a boat, only one advice, call upon Antipode and you’ll be confident and fully satisfied.

Benoit and Brigitte sold the Bavaria 33 'La Moïra' / Denmark 19/4/2016

Overall efficiency of the Antipode team, commercial as well as administratively.

Full availability of the team. My Bavaria is now sailing in Denmark.

Bertrand bought the Azuli 'La chèvre deux' / Carantec 11/11/2015

I bought an AZULI catamaran in September 2015 using the services of Antipode. Everything went smoothly; Jérôme Le Joubioux quickly organized a visit and was very reactive to our technical requests. He organized the marine survey perfectly well, with a surveyor of my choice, lifting out of the water...

On the financial and administrative level everything was very clear and professional.

To sum it up, to buy a second hand boat is sometimes complicated. Antipode allowed us to do so with clarity thanks to a rigorous and reactive approach.

Thanks to the whole team !

Vincent bought the Flyer Gran Turismo 34 'Black Pearl' / Marseille 6/11/2015

Availability, seriousness and transparence were the forces of my relation with Jean-Baptiste and Jérôme in the purchase of my boat.

Living far away from Brittany, it was with trust and regular communication that I let Antipode carry out the transaction on my behalf and further to sort out the questions of transport, engine maintenance or choices of different options.

It is not so common to meet professional with such competence and kindness.

Thank you for everything and fair winds.

and what more, it is all true !!

Luc bought the Dehler 33 'Cythara' / Paris 5/11/2015

I would recommend Antipode and Jérôme Le Joubioux for three reasons:

Economic : the boat that I bought was at a very fair price.

Technical : the advice they gave me for the renovation of my boat turned out to be very suitable.

Human: the contact with Jérôme Le Joubioux was at the same time, warm, relaxed and professional.

Denis sold the Sun Odyssey 37 ‘ Su La Me’ / La Trinité sur Mer 18/6/2015

I can only congratulate myself to have called upon Antipode to sell my boat. I decided to sell her in December 2014. The estimation that was done was what I was hoping for and the sale was achieved in April 2015 with a 3 % difference, the boat was delivered to Sweden !  Congratulations on the seriousness, the efficiency and the professionalism. It is reassuring for the seller as much as for the buyer.

François-Xavier bought the ACM Excellence 38 'Marinice' / Paris 15/6/2015

In an industry that is often criticized, rightly, it was great to deal with real professionals.

As a buyer I met a team that was organized, competent and respectful of the interests of the buyer as well as of the seller. The whole procedure, administrative as much as technical were carried out with much seriousness and efficiency.

Leaving Saint-Malo, I visited the Channel Islands, Cherbourg and then Honfleur before finally navigating up the Seine to Paris where my new boat found her new berth.

Bravo and thanks to Antipode and its team … and safe travels.

Jean-Louis sold the Hallberg Rassy 40 ‘Oiona’/ La Trinité sur Mer 10/4/2015

It was a great pleasure to meet Jérôme Le Joubioux. He was recommended to me by a friend that we have in common and I quickly realized that he had earned his notoriety. He is a real professional; who knows off shore sailing and thus earns the trust of the potential clients. The sale of a Halbberg Rassy  40 is not easy, because it is a ship that it is on a niche market with a very demanding clientele. The welcome, responding to the requests, the visits, dealing with the papers/ certificates and other documents, all in all service was at the forefront. This is where Antipode stands out among other brokers that in most cases just puts their ad on the internet and wait for the client to buy. Selling is a trade that Jérôme Le Joubioux does well.

Michel sold the Lagoon 440 'Les Pleïades'/ Arzal 26/1/2015

Jérôme Le Joubioux was recommended to me by Multinautique, a boatyard in Foleux that has always followed and carried out the maintenance on my catamaran. I have always trusted them and this trust was naturally transferred onto Antipode which has suited me fine.

The search for buyers was done seriously and with diligence. I was kept informed of the different negotiations and the more or less serious motivations of different partners until the buyer was found. Setting the price was done through very direct and franc way with Jérôme Le Joubioux to achieve an outcome that I was fully satisfied with considering the “climat” of this year 2014.

It was very nice find a mutual trust in my exchanges with an accomplished professional that knows how to establish  a cordial and true relationship with his clients and who really took care of everything up to a final payment without any delays.

Julien and Kevin bought the Océanis 37 ‘Arlequin’ / Le Crouesty 11/12/2014

After having searched for a long time to find a boat to replace my old one we found what we were looking for in the Oceanis 37 sold y Antipode. This is where Jérôme stepped in and organized a visit and a sea trial. Charmed by the boat and Jérôme’s professionalism, we agreed straight away to buy this boat knowing that we had demands that needed to be fulfilled in a very short time lapse… indeed the dead line we gave to Jérôme was that we needed the boat to be ready to sail one week before the departure of the Route du Rhum, the time required to skip the boat from Vannes to Saint Malo (via England J) and thus being able  to dispose of the boat for the departure of the race. The timing was respected with the survey, the finalization of the leasing contract (thanks to Catharina), negotiation of the quotes and for certain improvements to be carried out by the boat yard (installation of a bow thruster, a bimini, a TV…) … Great, I recommend Antipode … and I will think of Antipode for my next boat.

Jean-Yves bought the Beneteau 50 ‘Nérée’ / Arzal 1/12/2014

I was looking for a sailing boat that the condition and the performances would retain my attention; it was in this context that I contacted Antipode.

Jean-Baptiste looked after us. He showed us a Beneteau 50 in great condition, and he was very professional in the explanations and objective commentaries on the product. His skills as a skipper allows him to go directly to the essential on the major points of the transaction.

His work went beyond the signature of the sale agreement and payment, he went all the way dealing with the organization of the survey, the relations with the customs, handing over of the boat as well as keeping in touch after the sale in order to assure our complete satisfaction.

Bravo and thanks  Jean-Baptiste !

Hervé and Isabelle bought the Swift Trawler 42 ‘Post’X’ / Ouistreham 22/9/2014

For our first purchase of a Trawler the Antipode team met our expectations, always there when we had questions or were in need of information. Special thanks to Jean-Baptiste Lemaire who accompanied us all the way. 

Julien bought the Caparros 36 ‘Rêve d’île’ / Golfe de Morbihan 17/9/2014

It is with pleasure that I share my satisfaction of using Antipode’s services. Jean-Baptiste Lemaire was completely engaged in the negotiation of the price until the delivery of the catamaran. I thank him yet again. If I should sell my boat I would call on Antipode, as I would if I were to buy another one.

Serge sold the Swift Trawler 42 ‘Post X’ / La Trinité sur Mer 2/9/2014

Jérôme Le Joubioux was not unknown to me when I entrusted him with the sale of my Trawler 42. Indeed Antipode had already sold the boats of three of my friends in Brittany and they were all satisfied.

True to his reputation and the to the image that I had, the Antipode team carried out their mission very well and in a short time lapse considering the economic situation of the first semester of 2014.

Thanks to Jérôme and his team. There is no secret; serious, kindness and professionalism, it is not surprising to see the spectacular development of the company Antipode.

Samuel sold the Sun Odyssey 40 DS 'Toucan' / Port Bourgenay 29/8/2014

In order to sell a boat today the product has to be impeccable and the price has to correspond to the market. With the Antipode team we worked for a whole year before finding the Swedish buyer, a real connoisseur set on this model. My Sun Odyssey 40 DS ‘Toucan’ is a great boat and after a thorough expertise the deal was done in a matter of hours, with of course some discussion on the price! In the end, one should never forget that a good deal is a deal that makes everyone happy.

Today I no longer have a boat and am actively looking for the next ‘Toucan’. Not easy!

To sum up, Antipode is a team of real professionals acting with rigor and method. As for the administrative support, nothing but joy, the seller does not have to bother with dealing with the paperwork nor the authorities. The commission charged by Antipode is completely justified.

Pierre sold the Elan 31 ‘Elan Bleu’ / Crouesty 27/8/2014

The sale of my boat began with a sales mandate in February and was finalized with a delivery in June. The whole process was carried out with great efficiency by the Antipode team ; a realistic price estimation, complete proficiency in the relations with the buyer, full follow up on the different technical interventions  required on the boat before the delivery.

I was very satisfied, I was myself cruising in Scotland on another boat at the moment of the transaction, I could not have done this by myself. Thank you !

Roland sold his Dufour 45 ‘Alliance’ / La Trinité sur Mer 14/6/2014

When I contacted Jean-Baptiste my boat had been up for sale for a few months without any results.

With Antipode, well implanted in Brittany, the situation changed rapidly and my boat was sold.

I really appreciated Antipode’s professionalism. They demand that things are straight and clear on behalf of the seller which reassures the buyer who is sure of what he is buying.

In fact it is reassuring for both parties.

I have now entrusted Antipode with the mission of finding my next boat, which I know will be great.

Florent sold the Ovni 36 ‘Maupiti’ / La Trinité sur Mer 5/6/2014

Coming back from sailing around the world, I entrusted Antipode with the sale of my Ovni 36. The sale was not easy with this type of boat being less popular than they have been previously and the type of buyers being quite particular. I was very satisfied by the professionalism of the Antipode team: quality of the first appointment and creation of the ad, great website in several languages, many visits during 18 months with a precise debrief after the visit each time, a follow up on the price strategy to adapt in a clear and straight forward manner. And the boat was well sold in the end, an agency that I would be happy to recommend.

Jean-Claude sold the Hanse 370 'Fleur d'Océan' / Hendaye 19/4/2014

For the sale of my boat, I was in contact with two persons at Antipode, two professionals through and through …
For the administrative and financial side everything was very clear and precise. Furthermore the part of my money that transited via the Antipode bank account, was wired to me very quickly… that is important enough to be noted.
The sales and relations side, an iron fist in a velvet glove… reactive, precise and terribly efficient, and a perfect knowledge of the boat market and its world. With them everything seemed very simple and I appreciated very much that they looked out for interests of the seller as well as those of the buyer, thus the relations were always great. From there the sale of my boat was carried out very quickly, I always kept informed of the sales progress, the different questions that could be asked, the different initiatives that could be taken to make progress… bravo et thank you for this very professional and reassuring process for the seller that I was.
To recommend Antipode ? … Less than six months to sell my boat … it is clear that today to either sell or buy, my first initiative would be to get in touch with them .

Pascal and Brigitte bought the X 34 'Klaxon' / St Malo 15/4/2014

It is the first time that I buy a boat using the services of a broker.

When I bought my X34, I appreciated the availability, competence and reactivity of your team when it came to settle all the little difficulties that one may come across when buying a boat.

Extremely satisfied, I am sure that that I will renew my trust in you if a new project comes up.

Antoine bought the Sun Odyssey 43 “Bali” / Le Crouesty 8/2/2014

The purchase of a 43 feet represents a project of an active retirement and blue water cruising. Jérôme Le Joubioux was able to listen to my project and accompany the buyer and the seller in a perfect balance.  The sea trial with the previous owner was a great opportunity for a meeting among sailors. Antipode, with its team, offer a real ethic with their support of the SNSM. Hence encourage you to use their services.

Bernard sold the Oceanis 50 'L'Astragale III' / Pornic 30/1/2014

I entrusted you with the sale of my Oceanis 50. In the current economic climate selling such a yacht is not easy and you did it ! You found a buyer in Holland.

The professionalism and honesty that the Antipode team showed at each stage of evolution of the negotiations was particularly remarkable. Antipode knew how to find the solutions to overcome the unavoidable blockages.

Catharina has perfectly well contributed on the administrative level so that everything was carried out just the way I wanted.

Finally, if I had to recommend a broker to anyone I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Jean-Claude and Marie-Christiane sold the Antares serie 9 'Reder Mor II' / Le Crouesty 29/1/2014

Once again the Mille Sabords trade fair took place in a rainy and stormy weather. Yet nothing that would stop the Antipode team that animated this fair with their pep… and they sold our last boat Antares serie 9 “Reder Mor”.

Well done and thanks! We wish you fair weather and good wind!

Friendly regards to the whole team and particularly to their Captain !

Jean-Philippe bought the A40 'Loch Ness' / Folleux 21/1/2014

I was looking for a fast cruising boat and was particularly looking at racing boats. An ad by Antipode Yachts for an Archambault A 40 caught my attention.

I very much appreciated Jérôme Le Joubioux and his team’s help from the organization of the different visits and discussions up to the moment of the delivery of the boat.

Antipode really fulfilled their role as catalyzer and referee. Jérôme Le Joubioux enabled to finalize a sale that was satisfying to both parties by making courageous and necessary arbitration to the satisfaction of the buyer and the seller.

The team is professional and particularly friendly in their relations with the clients.

Now the boat is called Stergann, sky full of stars in Breton !  

Yves bought the Aquavit 'Lady Louise' / La Rochelle 12/12/2013

Yves, regarding the purchase of "Lady Louise" : welcome, professionalism, efficiency, advice, reactivity. Thanks to FAntipode for their qualities! Nothing to say other than Sail Away!


Philippe and Florence sold the Swift Trawler 42 / La Trinité 6/12/2013

Selling one's boat it's a bit like selling a bit of oneself. Thus you need to be accompanied. Jérôme Le Joubioux took on this role from the beginning till the end with great professionalism. He can be proud of having sold the boat in the best conditions in an economic context without rules ! Congratulations to him and his assistants.

Sylvette and Gérard bought the Oceanis 323 "Tafolpa" / Pornic 24/11/2013

TAFOLPA sailed out at 5 am this morning and arrived at 9 pm in Pornic.
Everything went well.
We very much appreciated the professionalism of Manu Nisin whose service you recommended. It's really a charming man with a contagious good mood. A true sailor!
We thank you so much for having accompanied us.
We wish a great success in all your projects, professional and private.

Michel sold the Swift Trawler 34 'Lily’s Boat' / La Trinité sur Mer 26/10/2013

A few words to express my satisfaction and state the know how and relational qualities Jérôme Le Joubioux showed in this transaction.

Things were carried out simply from the initial price estimation to the finalization of this sale in an otherwise morose economic climate

Congratulations to the Antipode team.

Jacques sold the Phantom 42 « L’Unique » / Crouesty 11/10/2013

I would like to congratulate the Antipode team and especially Jean Baptiste Lemaire for the sale of my Fairline 42 thanks to their efficiency for the visits, sea trials, etc… as well as for the perfect way in which all the administrative and financial formalities were handled. 

Jean-Pierre bought the Feeling 39 DI “Luna” / La Rochelle 10/10/2013

I bought my Feeling 39 DI through the Antipode’s brokerage service. The progress of this transaction went perfectly well from the beginning til the end. Professionalism, honesty and availability. I have nothing to add to this list of their qualities. I thank the Antipode team for this success. 

Michèle sold the Diam 38 CC ‘Âme Caline’ / Crouesty 23/9/2013

After having tried to sell my sailing boat by myself, I choose to use Antipode's brokerage service. Jean-Baptiste only needed a few months to sell my boat. He was always available when I needed him, knowing how to create an atmosphere of trust for both seller and purchaser, always finding a solution to the little problems that could arise. A great thanks to him for his efficiency, professionalism and kindness.

Jacques bought the Ovni 395 'Pauléane' / Camaret 2/9/2013

A few words to tell you my satisfaction of having met Antipode to realize the acquisition of Pauléane.
I found in your services, professionalism, quality of advice, actions followed and carried through, and an effort to respect the balance of the positions of the seller as well as of the buyer.
The choice of Jérôme to surround himself with co-workers that are available, competent and paying attention to following the rules is a mark of a vision that puts the long term first.
That is «sustainable development».
Furthermore, as in all trades, demanding a job well done, in accordance with «good business practices» is a guarantee of success.
You are living proof of this. Keep going !

Patrick and Brigitte sold the Sun Odyssey 36 i «O’mer» / La Trinité sur Mer 31/8/2013

Buying «O’mer» at the end of 2011, we thought we’d keep her at least 5 years. This did not keep us from looking at boats that were likely to become our travel companion. The capacity of listening,
the patience and the qualities of the advice Jean-Baptiste showed during a visit of an OVNI (qualities that we also found in Frédérique during a visit of another boat in La Rochelle) made us feel confident.
Thus, one an opportunity came up in the spring to buy our next sailing boat, we naturally turned
to Antipode to sell our old one.
Once again, an attentive ear, advice and great exchange enabled us to put all the chances on our side. Whilst we were expecting to have to wait at least 6 months before finding a buyer, Jean-Baptiste called us after a month and a half and the negotiation started with the potential buyer.
Our boat is sold and we bought the new one without being forced to do any financial acrobatics.
Many thanks to this efficient and nice team.

Jean sold the J 109 «John Long Silver» / La Trinité sur Mer 9/6/2013

The whole process; searching for buyers, preparing the ads, visits on the boat, were all carried out with great professionalism by the whole Antipode team. I left them, even though they did not ask for it, the exclusive rights for the sale of my boat. I did not have to regret this decision.
My boat was sold within 4 months, in a difficult economic climate, at more or less our asking price. All the administrative obligations were carried out by Antipode, I did not have to do anything.
I can only recommend this company to anyone that wishes to sell his boat.

Hubert and Hélène bought the Sun Odyssey 45 DS «Vent d’Ouest» / La Baule 18/2/2013

We bought the Sun Odyssey 45 DS during the Mille Sabords fair by the intermediary of your company. This transaction went very smoothly thanks to your professionalism. We particularly appreciated, this being pretty much our first buy, the quality of your advice, as much on a technical
level as on a administrative and financial level that enable to remove some of our initial anxieties …. We were also sensitive to your business sense and the warmth and kindness of your team. In this, Antipode certainly stands out from its competitors.
We would not hesitate to use your services again if we were to do another transaction.

Marie-Christiane and Jean-Claude sold the Sun Odyssey 45 DS «Vent d’Ouest» / Deauville 13/2/2013

What a great memory of the fair Mille Sabords !
Many thanks to you and your whole team that were on the deck all the day, everyday in spite of the wind and rain.
Well done for your professionalism that enabled us to sell our Sun Odyssey 45 DS.
We will stay in touch for the pleasure of seeing you again.

Patrick bought the JPK 960 «Stergann» / La Trinité sur Mer 10/2/2013

I was looking to replace my “Day Dream” for over a year without any success. I met Antipode who had the boat I was looking for on sale and also enabled me to sell my “Day Dream” simultaneously.
All of this was carried out in a very short delay. I can only congratulate you for your advice, your professionalism and your efficiency. A special thanks to Jean Baptiste Lemaire who,special treat, accompanied me on a November week-end to sail the boat from Loctudy to La Trinité and assured the hand over. Thanks again to Jean-Baptiste for his availability and his kindness.

Guillaume sold the Bongo 960 «Plume» / Toulon – Mediterranean 6/1/2013

Thanks to the Antipode team that accompanied me along the sale of my Bongo 9.60.
I had the pleasure of receiving the useful advice for selling this great but unusual boat. The bonus
with Antipode, is to be able to speak about sailing with connoisseurs, who know what they are talking about when it comes to boats. The service is very professional and excellent contact. A big thank you!

Alain bought the Damien 40 «Equinandra» / Le Crouesty 27/12/2012

When you buy your first sailing boat you ask yourself a lot of questions and the Antipode team has always been available to answer my questions.. Living far away from where the transaction
took place, the whole Antipode team took care of all the administrative requirements and contacted all the professionals to carry out the additional jobs on the boat.
Now I have nothing to do but to enjoy my boat and sail without any limits.
Many thanks to the team for her professionalism.

Laurent sold the Feeling 39 DI 'Viking III' / Saint Malo 20/12/2012

To the whole Antipode team, I wanted to thank you and to congratulate you for the sale of my boat that went perfectly well even though the buyer was Canadian and the boat had to be exported. You have really been professional from the beginning til the end of this sale and have dealt superbly with the expectations of the buyer and the seller so that both parties were happy with the transaction. A full ‘win-win’ situation.

I would not need hesitate to use your services either for a sale or a purchase.

Frédéric sold the Feeling 36 DI 'Bendy II' / La Trinité sur Mer 12/9/2012

The Antipode team answered my expectations as a seller perfectly well. My boat was quickly sold as Mr Jérôme Le Joubioux had made the correct estimation of her market value, a market that he visibly knows well. He knew how to go and look for the potential clients in France as well as abroad, he knew how to bring the added value that you would expect from a broker : acting as a frank and fast middle man between the buyer / seller, with a will to see the transaction go through taking into consideration the mutual satisfaction of both clients, bringing both parties back to a reality.

Note also the quality of the administrative support ensured by Catharina Holmberg.

Outcome : I am a happy seller, satisfied of having sold my boat rapidly and at her right price, and happy to have met a real professional with whom I could work with in trust.

Paul joint owner sold the First 27.7 'Holea' / Arzal 7/9/2012

I was indeed very satisfied with your services. From taking the pictures and putting the ad online to the contact with the buyers and the final negociation. All was done with great intelligence, professionalism and speed.

A great thanks to JB Le maire.

Pierre joint owner sold the First 27.7 ‘Holea’ / Arzal 7/9/2012

Professionalism, speed, intelligence, efficiency, availability, the transaction was carried out masterfully, well done, your commission was well earned, and I am very satisfied with your services with a JB Lemaire to congratulate.

Hubert sold the Sun Odyssey 45.2 « Grand Daoulam » / Crouesty 27/5/2012

Dear Jérôme and team « Grand Daoulam » has arrived without any trouble to Cherbourg this Thursday. End of the story for me; I take this opportunity to praise your professionalism, even if I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to sell my boat, you were so fast that I did not even have time to think. Thanks for your kindness and efficiency. Friendly regards, Hubert.

Denis sold the Sun Fast 40.3 16/3/2012

You have managed the sale of my boat with much talent and I am very happy that I met you as I could never have done this myself,being based in Thailand. Thanks again!

Patricia and Pierre bought the Rodman 38 « Le Beabilis » / Rouen 10/2/2012

The purchase of a first boat is always a bit stressful but from the moment of the first contact with the Antipode team we felt in confidence. Throughout all of the phases of the transaction, Antipode
always answered our questions with a great availability and good advice. We are totally satisfied with the service of Antipode.

Niels bought the Dufour 364 « Ithak » / Port La Fôret 9/2/2012

We were very happy with the services of Antipode, particularly with Mr Le Joubioux that accompanied
us all along our acquisition. We thank him for his availability and the quality of this advice.

Jean François bought the Antares 980 «M’enfin » / Dunkerque 14/10/2011

I bought my 980 Antares through you, and the boat has now arrived in Dunkerque after being transported by truck.
I hereby wanted thank you warmly for your help and especially your dedication.
I was very touched by your various interventions to solve the many problems (expertise, off the boat, paperwork, financing, price discussions, relations with the owner, preparing the boat for loading truck ...).
I appreciated this even more so as there are 800km between Vannes 800km and my home, which greatly complicated the task and without your services would have meant several trips.
Given my professional obligations, I was not been able to go back to Vannes to do the handover briefing that you gently proposed me, please accept my apologies.
Renewing my most sincere and deepest thanks for major assistance in the purchase of this boat, please accept my sincere regards.

Isabelle sold the First 45 'Ungava' / Pornic 5/10/2011

I entrusted Antipode with the sale of my First 45 Bénéteau last April and it was sold by July. I found at Antipode a competent, dynamic, reactive and available team. They took on all of the selling procedure and the relation with my buyer. In all trust I even participated in the sail of the boat to her new berth. I highly recommend the services of Antipode.

Monique sold the PRESTIGE 42 S « Virtô » / Croatia 4/5/2011

Thanks a lot for the care and efforts with which you carried out the sale of my boat that was based in Croatia.
The sale was fast and efficient. I appreciate the quality of your services, I did not have to do anything,
everything was achieved with seriousness, competence, kindness, advice.
To be recommended.

Dominique, bought the SUN ODYSSEY 36.2 « Camaro VII » / La Rochelle 13/2/2011

Looking for a cruising yacht, the presentation of the boats on the ANTIPODE website sparked my interest and in particular a SUN ODYSSEY 36.2 that seemed to correspond to my expectations.
After a first contact and meeting with M Le Joubioux, a climate of trust immediately set in.
Living far away from Vannes, I relied on his professionalism, his seriousness and his expertise for all of the administrative and technical matters (appraisal, small reparations, etc…) required before the handover. For my next change of boat I will in priority turn to Antipode Yachts.

Jean-François sold the Flyer 12 « Deep Blue » / Lorient 10/1/2011

Thanks to all of the Antipode team, the sale of my Flyer 12 was not easy. They knew how take on all the logistic and administrative requirements with great professionalism. With seriousness, patience, dynamism and a great knowledge of power boats. All that you would expect from a real boat salesperson.

Jean-Pierre sold the OCEANIS 44 CC « Emeraude » Port La Fôret 7/1/2011

Many thanks to Antipode Yachts for the sale of my OCEANIS 44 CC. Much professionalism, communication and kindness.

Alain sold the First 35.7 'Cookie Blues' / Trinité sur Mer 22/12/2010

In December 2009 at the Salon Nautique in Paris, I decided to change yachts and thus had to proceed to the sale of the boat I had then, a First 35.7 in the shortest time possible.

I contacted Jérôme Le JOUBIOUX that I knew from before he started ANTIPODE.

After a visit on the boat at the end of December, we rapidly agreed on a clear objective, conveyed in a selling mandate on 4th March, 2010, specifying the conditions of the sale, in particular the price and the commission .

Mr Le JOUBIOUX introduced me to a buyer on the 21st March in the context of a compromise.

The sale was completed at Easter.

What I retain from his services is the pertinent advice for the preparation of the yacht, also its presentation in a particularly well done document, a reactivity and transparency without flaws.

It is without any apprehensions that I would entrust him with the sale of my current boat if, the adventure of the nautical fairs continues to get to me or that I would recommend him to one of my friends that suffers from the same ill.

Eric bought the OCEANIS 343 « Fleur de Lys » / Port La Fôret 21/12/2010

Professionalism, reactivity, availability and in particular being able to listen are as many qualities
rare these days in the world of leisure boating that I have to point them out. Making the acquisition of my yacht was a real pleasure with Antipode and more particularly with Jérôme Le Joubioux – quite at the antipodes of what I feared! – the project was carried out with expertise and rigour, respecting the commitments and reliability as much for the seller as for me. Thanks again and ‘Bon Vent’!

Philippe sold the SUN ODYSSEY 40.3 'Ael Mat' / Loctudy 20/12/2010

We congratulate ourselves from having chosen you as adviser and broker: it enabled us to quickly come through with our project. A few concessions were necessary, but that is part of the transaction and numbering of the right price is most certainly part of the success of the sale!
Your advice was always pertinent and your help during the sea trial was conclusive. Without your services we are not sure that our project would have gone through : after all autoumn 2008 it was the economical ‘crack’!
In addition we know that the buyers of our yacht, that you also knew how to put at ease, were fully satisfied with their purchase: satisfaction for all!

Hugues and Gwénolla bought the OCEANIS 44 CC « Emeraude » / Arzal 16/12/2010

It is with pleasure that I come back to you to confirm the great pleasure that we have, me and my wife have navigating on our Emeraude.
During two years, you contacted us on a regular basis and we visited quite a few boats that, often, could have suited us.
Your professionalism and availability had conquered us to the point that we could not consider buying our yacht through another intermediary.
Then we fell in love with this Océanis 44 CC with which we will navigate on the Atlantic coast before travelling onto other oceans.
Thanks again,

Marie Hélène bought the PRESTIGE 36 « Bigouden Express » / Royan 15/12/2010

Warm welcome, professionalism and efficiency are part of the numerous qualities of the company
Antipode, which is directed with great expertise by Mr Jérôme Le Joubioux, without forgetting
the friendliness.

Franck sold the Prestige 36 « Bigouden Express » / Loctudy 9/12/2010

A while ago searching for a power boat I came to your company to find THE boat.
Not so complicated as not even a month later Jérôme LE JOUBIOUX put forward the that power boat that I was actively looking for.
Hence I found myself being the owner of a PRESTIGE 36 by Jeanneau.
A few years later and after many engine hours I decided to sell my boat in order to purchase a bigger unit. Here we are 3 months later the boat is sold at its right price…
Obviously Antipode Yachts will find me my next boat..
All the administrative and financial proceedings were orchestrated with great expertise, well done !

Jean Marc sold the Elan 340 « Papillon » / Crouesty 30/11/2010

Antipode Yachts enabled me to rapidly sell my boat whilst she had been on the market for one year. The agency is professional, efficient and realistic, which is a quality in this shaky market.
Jean Marc a satisfied client!

Didier and Hélène bought the FIRST 31.7 « Abeille III » / Marseille 20/11/2010

I was very satisfied with the services provided with Antipode a few months ago for the purchase of my yacht First 31.7 (a recent second-hand). Jérôme Le Joubioux was very nice, very accessible, and very professional from A to Z, taking into consideration as much the interest of the buyer (me) as that of the seller or the broker (him), taking care of organizing the survey of the yacht, making fairly complex technical modifications that I asked for to be carried out by competent professionals, making sure to level out or directly sorting out diverse questions with the financing
organization concerned in this sale. No worries, it’s appreciable.
Actually his ‘hidden vice’, is that he loves the sea. Just like me.
Well done. Keep it up.

Jean-Louis bought the OCEANIS 331 « Matelot » / Concale 15/11/2010

I bought a Oceanis 331 in February 2010. The client relation, buyer and your agency has been most satisfying and I would warmly recommend your name to a potential buyer that I could know.

Philippe bought the SUPER MARAMU « Topase » / Bandol 10/11/2010

I bought the Super Maramu 2000 TOPASE through Antipode Yachts.
This important purchase for our project of a happy retirement on a sailing boat was carried out with a rare professionalism by the Antipode team.
From the first visit to the handing over of all of the documents for the change of ownership, all was done with great availability, competence and swiftness.
Antipode soundly defended the interest of the seller and the buyer with a great professionalism and it when it was all over the buyer and seller were happy to meet over a drink, proof that it was a successful sale and purchase.

Jérôme sold the DUFOUR 34 « Kali Jones » / Quiberon 8/11/2010

I entrusted the sale of my boat to Antipode Yachts. From the day the boat was put on sale to the day of the signature of the sale, the follow up was always done with rigor, professionalism and friendliness.
I would not hesitate to entrust them with the sale of my next boat, nor to recommend their services
to those of my friends that have that project.

Bernard sold his Dragonfly 35 'Aberzen' / Lorient 30/11/-0001

We had put our Dragonfly 35 on sale for a few months with the importer of the brand without any success.

Through a friend, a client satisfied with Antipode’s services, we contacted Jérôme Le Joubioux. Confidence was immediately established.

The exclusivity with the agent ended at the end of August and at the same time Antipode found another buyer and quickly organized the sale of the boat.

In record time the down payment was paid and the sales agreement signed.

The rest of the transaction went perfectly well and to the satisfaction of both parties.

Honesty, competence and efficiency are some of the qualities of Jérome Le Joubioux and his team.

Company to strongly recommend in this particular industry.

Michael (England) sold the ANTARES SERIE 9 ARAMIS II 29/2/2024

A friend recommended Antipode to me as they had sold his yacht. I am very pleased that he did.  I received excellent advice right from the first meeting prior to signing the mandate. They took excellent photos to ensure excellent visibility for potential buyers. Throughout the sale process Antipode were always at my side to help with administration. My 9m motor boat had some issues that required solving and I was able to count on Antipode who managed most of the planning with mechanics and sea trials. Have no hesitation in recommending them.

WERNER (Germany) bought and sold the Sun Odyssey 409 Performance TAYA 29/2/2024

I took delivery of TAYA  in Les Sables d'Olonne in 2017 and was extremely satisfied with the friendly and competent handling of the transaction by Jean-Baptiste. That was why I contacted Jean-Baptiste again to sell the boat in 2023 after my wife and I had sailed it to the Mediterranean. Antipode brokered the boat while we were still sailing it from Greece to the south of France. We were able to hand it over to the buyers on very good terms on arrival at the port of destination. The transaction could not have gone better. I look forward to buying my next sailing boat again with the help of Antipode.

Mickael and Ella (USA) bought the OCEANIS 523 L’OR DU TEMPS 29/2/2024

My wife and I were looking for a specific sailboat. Looking through all the different sites we found Antipode site in France in the Yachtworld.

From the first contact with Jerome, we feel very confident that we found what

we were looking for. He was very straight forward with all aspects, even mentioning the smell of smoking inside the boat. We saw a number of different brokers, locations around the Mediterranean but after talking with Jerome, we knew this was the boat we wanted. He made every effort to help us with surveyor, organizing sea trails, talking with the yard and more. When we arrived at the boatyard, his knowledge of the boat was excellent. He was fully prepared. Originally when we saw the advertisement, we had asked for a full list of specifications and equipment of the boat. He provided it the same day. Even pictures and videos were professionally done. Out of 7 brokers before Jerome, we never received full information as Jerome provided. Closing was done in 15 minutes. All documents were in place. He is a PROFESSIONAL. 

I will recommend him to all my friends.

Chris (England ) bought the Nauticat 44 Warraog 29/2/2024

I set out to buy a Nauticat 44 ketch and found one within my budget advertised on the Antipode website. I am British, based in England and don’t speak much French. However I needn’t have worried as all my communications with Antipode staff were straightforward and all documents / specifications / contracts were available to read in English. We decided that we wanted to view Warraog and arranged to meet Jean-Baptiste Lemaire where the boat was berthed near Lorient. He organised everything and was extremely helpful and professional. We then decided to make an offer to buy Warraog subject to survey and a sea trial which again Jean-Baptiste organised and made the buying process as straightforward as possible. And then, having completed the purchase of Warraog Jean-Baptiste has continued to help us organise work needed to be done on the boat by local marine businesses. This has helped us immensely as managing this sort of work remotely from the UK relying on Google Translate is far from ideal. So, I can unconditionally recommend Antipode as being a highly professional business staffed by lovely people who are experts in their field and who will do whatever is needed to make things happen.  

Antti (Finland) sold the DJANGO 770 AROSA 29/2/2024

I recently sold my Django 770 through Antipode and I was very happy with their service. They were always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls, and they were very knowledgeable about the technicalities and sailing markets. They also did a great job of marketing my boat and finding a buyer quickly. I would highly recommend Antipode to anyone looking to sell a boat.

Peter (England) sold the SUN ODYSSEY 40 PERFECT NUMBER 28/2/2024

Nous avons été obligés de vendre notre Sun Odyssey 40 pour des raisons de santé, c'est donc avec une grande tristesse que nous avons mis le bateau sur le marché.  Cependant, avec Antipode, nous avons choisi exactement le bon courtier qui a rendu le processus de vente aussi facile que possible, d'autant plus que nous vivons en Angleterre et que le bateau était à vendre en Bretagne.  Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaire avec Jean-Baptiste Lemaire qui était très professionnel, courtois et parlait un excellent anglais (comme toute l'équipe d'Antipode). Nous avons été tenus au courant des progrès à tout moment et Jean-Baptiste a travaillé dur pour présenter le bateau aux acheteurs potentiels.  Nous avons mis le bateau sur le marché à la mi-août et la vente a été finalisée à la fin du mois de novembre, nous n'avons eu besoin que d'une dernière visite pour vider le bateau de nos biens personnels. Dans l'ensemble, nous n'aurions pas pu être plus satisfaits de la façon dont la vente a été gérée et nous n'hésitons pas à recommander Antipode à quiconque envisage d'acheter ou de vendre un bateau.

Gregor bought the Sense 43 ‘Patsy’ / Switzerland 21/3/2023

After selling our Motorboat we have decided to look into a purchase of an affordably, comfortable cruiser owner version sailboat with maximum of living room in the cockpit and airy accommodation. As there are not that many monohulls on the market with this specs/demands, we were obviously lucky to find a Beneteau Sense online at Antipode. In fact, we have asked for another model but this particular one was sold already so Julie has recommended us the Sense 43 –big thanks to you as well Julie!

Since the beginning the communication was highly pleasant and efficient. A great start, especially for us, as we were really beginners of sailing boat business at all. Here I would like to thank and highlight Jean-Baptiste for his amazing help, his patience, kindness and established trust. From our first contact/visit we were constantly impressed about the professionalism and dedication from him directly or his team. Jean-Baptiste supported us through the entire journey of communications, networking, translations, requests, administration, assessments, transfers, transactions….

 Well, it would take just too much time to go into more details here - to be concise: Jean-Baptiste, you have more than deserved the Swiss chocolate from us!  The boat itself was in an impressive, super maintained and mint condition vessel, obviously driven by the highly passionate previous owners. The boat has been transferred right after purchase end of November 2022 from the Biscay to the Baltic Sea – even during transfer Jean-Baptiste was dedicated and showed interested into the transfer process with his advice. 

In sum, we had an overall awesome customer experience by Antipode – highly recommended!

Norbert bought the J111 ‘Chaman J’ /Dublin Ireland 4/2/2023

I bought a J111 ‘Chaman J’ from Jean Baptiste Lemaire. I have had a number of boats over the years and this experience with Antipode was really excellent. JB looked into every query and request from me…. especially the few jobs requested before the truck collection in the south of France. I am based in Dublin so it was great to have someone in France organising all at top quality and very good prices.

Tony bought the Swift Trawler 34 ‘Oceanide’ / Ireland 29/1/2023

My wife and I sold our Jeanneau Prestige 32 in Ireland where we live and intended to replace it immediately with a Beneteau Swift Trawler 34. Unfortunately, Covid messed up our plans and we were without a boat for a very long time. After much searching, we found one on the Antipode site in France. We connected with Jean Baptiste and shortly afterwards I visited to do a preliminary viewing. Jean Baptiste was exceptionally helpful and provided me with detailed information about the practicalities of buying a boat in France. Following a full survey, kindly facilitated by Jean Baptiste, the sale proceeded. Throughout, all my questions and concerns were immediately addressed and resolved. I received regular phone calls and emails to keep me fully up to date. Jean Baptiste kindly arranged winter storage and attended to the various legal requirements with great efficiency. I have rarely encountered such professionalism and it made the whole process so easy and reassuring, particularly as I do not live in France and don’t speak French. I cannot recommend Antipode more highly.

Antonio bought the First 40 ‘Malavita’ / Portugal 3/1/2023

I bought my first boat, a Beneteau First 40 (MALAVITA), with Antipode and it was an excellent decision.

The first contacts were made with Jérôme LE JOUBIOUX, whom I thank for the complete boat’s information, photos sent and quick answers to all my questions. This was followed by a visit to the boat in France with Jean-Baptiste LEMAIRE whose support, friendly attitude and professionalism were truly remarkable. He has become a friend that I truly admire.

The whole sales process was clear, fast and the help preparing the boat for the trip to Portugal was an excellent support.

Thanks to all Antipode’s team.

Olivier bought the Pogo 1250 ‘Kaireol’ / Suisse 12/12/2022

I was looking for a boat that was difficult to find, a Pogo 1250. It’s thanks to Antipode that I found the rare gem. I dealt with wonderful people, Jérôme Le Joubioux, François Mouchel and Julie Brodu. All very professional, reliable and nice to deal with. Not to mention their immense nautical knowledge useful for the buyer as well as the seller. The file on the boat was very complete, they were attentive and answered my numerous questions. No point had been hidden, with as an objective that everybody would find their benefit. For the sale, the contracts were without any ambiguity and personalised if necessary. Similarly, the realisation of the various formalities are perfectly mastered and I felt supported throughout the whole transaction. I will call upon Antipode if I would need to sell the boat. It is therefore without any hesitation that I would recommend Antipode, whether for the purchase or for the sale of a boat. Thanks once again to the whole team.

Benoit bought the Dufour 44 ‘Karaba’ / Canada 8/12/2022

I am currently in Lagos (Portugal) where I’m spending the winter on the boat (I’m living on board). I have only good things to say about my interactions with Antipode and particularly with Jérôme.  I was living in Canada when I saw “Salam” (now “Karaba”)  on sale in La Rochelle on Antipode’s website. After the initial contact, I received detailed documentation on the boat and as I could not come to see the boat, Antipode sent me a link to videos so that I could visit the boat from afar. After that Jérôme made an honest description on the phone with the list of potential works to do on the boat. The sale could be concluded remotely, after the inspection by a surveyor and Jérôme bent over backwards to ensure that the sale went smoothly and so that I could have a hand over when I came to France.  I had (which is often the case) some bad surprises as I got acquainted with the boat, but none of this questions the professionalism of Antipode or the surveyor. I highly recommend Antipode and would be happy to do business with you again!

Elliot bought the Hanse 470 ‘Papou des Carpates’ / Sweden 7/12/2022

I also want to take the opportunity to thank you for the complete process with the sale of the Hanse. You have been great to deal with from the beginning to the end.  The best broker I’ve ever come across, and I hope to be able to buy another boat through you some day.

David bought the Prestige 32 ‘J2C’ / Dublin Ireland 7/12/2022

I am a boat dealer in Ireland and bought a Prestige 32 boat from Antipode last April/May. Having agreed to buy the boat earlier in the year I had a ski accident that left me unable to travel. I decided to go ahead with the purchase without seeing the boat. For whatever reason I put my trust in Jerome who I had never met before. Anyway this ended up to be a wonderful relationship as he delivered as he said he would. I could not recommend Antipode Jerome, Julie and the whole team anymore. They were a joy to deal with. It’s not easy to transport a large boat from France to Ireland

But you guys were Brilliant. I have only the best recommendation to Antipode and look forward to doing more business with you.

James bought the Figaro 3 ‘Marvin’ / Chicago USA 7/12/2022

Buying a boat is stressful enough. Imagine buying one from across the Atlantic, 6 time zones away, seeing it only in pictures, and not speaking any French. Well that is exactly what we did. Apprehensive at first, we had no choice but to hope Jerome was telling us the truth as making a trip to France was not possible. The level of detail and timely responses Jerome provided helped to reassure us we'd be OK. However, only a day after closing the sale, I received notice from Jerome that several defects in the hull were discovered. My heart sank knowing I now owned a boat in France, and the pre-paid transit company was scheduled to pick up the boat only a few days later. Jerome and the seller sprung into action not only working with Beneteau to repair the defects, but assisted with the transit company to reschedule the shipment without additional charges.  From that point forward everything went as planned and she arrived in Chicago. In the end all my worry was unfounded. The exceptional level of knowledge, guidance, and honourable support we received from Jerome is why I'm pleased to be offering my feedback. Thanks to the entire Antipode team for making it happen! 

Robert bought the Swift Trawler 42 'Aquanaut' / Netherlands 21/11/2022

During the past 50 years we have owned various sailing yachts ranging between 40 and 55 feet in which we cruised the European waters between Norway and Turkey. After over 30,000 NM ‘under sail’ we decided to look for a seaworthy motor yacht for more comfort. 

Antipode happened to offer a Swift Trawler 42 in the South of France which suited our requirements well. After the first inspection, for which Jean Baptiste Lemaire flew over from Vannes to Marseille the sale was quickly concluded for a fair price which was satisfactory for both the seller and us. After the sale and transfer of ownership Antipode remained extremely helpful and supportive during the process of changing the flag from French to Dutch registration. We can recommend Antipode for their professionalism and excellent after sale service. 

David bought the San Juan 48 'Chose 1' / Vancouver Canada 21/11/2022

I recently had an opportunity to purchase a pre-owned 48’ power boat that was listed for sale with Antipode. Normally this would not be an unusual venture but in my case, my home is in Western Canada and the vessel was lying in France. Beyond the normal due diligence that you undertake during the purchase process of a pre-owned vessel, I also had concerns about the accuracy of the title, ships documentation and ultimately her export to North America. Francois at Antipode could not have been more helpful during the purchase process. In fact the whole team at Antipode was involved at one time or another and I am extremely pleased with the experience I had working with them. Everything Francois promised was delivered. Paperwork was precisely executed between buyer and seller and the boat was prepared for the long voyage to the west coast of America under Francois guidance. I would recommend working with Antipode to anyone who is pursuing their next power or sailboat.

Mathias bought the Feeling 39 DI 'Anche Piu' / Switzerland 1/7/2022

I bought a FEELING 39 DI spring 2021 and to be perfectly honest, it was a dream come true. However, for the dream to become reality I could count on ANTIPODE’s services, particularly François Mouchel, to buy the boat.

The Antipode’s team availability was very much appreciated from the first contact, attentive and they always gave me precious advice.

Throughout the whole sales process, I felt completely confident.

I can only recommend Antipode for any boat transaction, purchase or sale, a big thank you!

Brenda and Roger sold the Oceanis 46 'Fairwinds' / UK 1/7/2022

Wonderful service from Antipode and Jean Baptiste and team. Especially in the year of Brexit and Covid 19 challenges. So professional, would recommend them to anyone.

Dennis and Winny bought the Nimbus 380 Commander 'Manoka' / Netherlands 30/5/2022

We bought a secondhand Nimbus 38 Commander through Antipode and we are delighted with her. This purchase was a big event for us and we can say that the professional service from Jean-Baptiste at Antipode was truly excellent. In our opinion, they must be the best brokers in the business, and we have a lot of experience in this. We had previously looked at four similar motor boats but in each case the buy did not go through mainly due to misinformation from the broker concerned, but very quickly we knew we were now in good hands with Antipode.   The service was above our expectations as the purchase was made with tough Corona rules in place, which meant we could not make an inspection visit, but with the assistance of Jean-Baptiste and face time we had a linked live boat tour in great detail.  Furthermore, we had excellent paperwork made available and even a movie showing the Volvo engineer perform the engine service.  Also due to the restrictions we were obliged to have "Manoka" transported to us in The Netherlands, again Jean-Baptiste was of great help with good quotations for road transport. In the end we opted for a professional skipper to make a delivery trip in the water, again the local assistance in this was superb. Manoka was handed over to us in Rotterdam and she was everything we hoped for, a great buy.  A transaction carried out with great professionalism by Jean-Baptiste, and Julie. A very friendly team that before, during and after your transaction by reassuring you as we were during this beautiful acquisition made remotely in full lockdown. 

Sophie and Nick bought the Nautitech 40 Open 'Quickstep Too' / UK 30/5/2022

After many years racing all over the world, we decided to sell up and go cruising with our young family. Together with our co-owner, we looked for a boat to offer fast, safe and hopefully easy ocean crossings but also one that would provide a stable platform for life at anchor and plenty of space to live onboard for several years. Working with JB we considered several boats but the Nautitech 40 was the obvious choice in the end. Despite the challenges with COVID, the whole purchase process could not have been easier and JB always provided straightforward, honest guidance. Having left the UK in August ’21, we had a great trans-Atlantic crossing and are now in Martinique and preparing to cross into the Pacific in a few months’ time. When our adventure is over, I have no doubt that we will return to sell her through Antipode.

Michael bought the Ovni 43 'Mayana' / Germany 30/5/2022

We are really grateful to Antipode team! There was a lot of trust from the beginning and everything said and promised was done as agreed even it wasn’t fixed in a written form! We had a big support in all questions related to the buy – before and after(!) - and a good communication which was especially important to us, as we had limited access to the boat by distance and Corona complications. We bought our first boat ever with Antipode and we’re happy with it. Greetings to you and your team.

Cristian bought the Flyer 12 'Deep Blue' / Sweden 30/5/2022

For many years I have had thought on having a suitable motor yacht that me and my family could enjoy. Since we live in Sweden the climate is not the most stable with as many sun hours per year as there are in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, it was necessary for us to find a boat that are spacious and where we can enjoy the scenery even if the weather is not the best. So I set a price target and went out on the internet to find out what we could get for

our budget. Then I found a beautiful Beneteau Flyer 12 at Antipode. Jérôme and his colleagues where all so helpful. They all spent time in effort to make sure that I got the information I asked for. This was a huge risk, since I did not even travel down to France and have a look at the boat, since I had such a good dialogue with Antipode I got to know what needed to be repaired and what I could expect if I bought her. When I made an offer the seller accepted

there was a lot of things that needed to be arranged so I could get my new yacht back to Sweden. I got all the help necessary from Antipode and finally when the boat arrived a few weeks later the boat was exactly as I had been told and even better. I have nothing else to say than that Antipode and all their staff was very professional and if I was gonna buy another boat I would not hesitate to contact then again and I give my highest recommendations.

Jeroen bought the Dragonfly 35 'Happysix' / Netherlands 30/5/2022

A fast deal! I fell in love with this gorgeous Dragonfly 35 Ultimate and called Antipode on a Wednesday that I was interested. Next week on Friday we sailed this beauty to her new home. This all was made possible due to Antipode reacting fast, agile, being very professional and a relentless service driven by the whole team. For instance, they managed to get the VAT declaration on the same day we made the deal to get me ready for next day’s departure. The most positive to my opinion is the pictures they put on their advertisements exactly displaying the ship when we visited. No surprises except for the positive ones. That is what you want when you donate a fortune to your hobby. I recommend this broker very highly but I hope not to be in the need of their services for the next decades since I now have my floating palace.

Nick bought the Aquastar 38 'Odin' / UK 30/5/2022

Odin has taken us down to Agde on the Med, where we are waiting for the summer to explore the South of France. Buying our boat through Antipode was smooth, simple and stress free, one of the most professional brokers I’ve ever dealt with, and there’s been a few! Jerome and his staff went above and beyond to help us, for which we thank them!

Marie and Joakim bought the First 45 'Ungava' / Sweden 30/5/2022

After a couple of months searching for our dreamboat in south of Europe we finally got in contact with Antipode, Jérôme and his staff. This contact felt totally different comparing with other brokers that we communicated with. Antipode felt serious, service minded, and professional. And they helped us all the way. We are now happy and proud owners of a fantastic sailing vessel, Beneteau Firs 45 2008. Now sailing in the archipelago of Stockholm. Thanks Antipode.

Franklin bought the Pogo 36 'Arlova' / United States 30/5/2022

The boat reached its final destination in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts last Friday. We haven't gotten a chance to sail it yet, but will be headed up there in two weekends and can't wait to test her out before we pull her for the winter!

Have been meaning to reach out, but wanted to sincerely thank you and your team for all of your help throughout this process. You were extremely organized, communicative, and helpful throughout the whole process, and we very much appreciated working with you. If you ever find yourself in the Massachusetts area, let us know! We'd love to take you out for a sail.

Philippe bought the Django 1270 'Jubilo' / Belgium 16/5/2022

We highly recommend Antipode and more specifically Jérôme Le Joubioux for his help with the purchase of our Django 1270. He made a lot of efforts to ensure that the seller and buyer understood each other during the negotiations and helped us a lot with the paperwork, survey, etc… before and after the purchase. He always remained courteous, even if there were setbacks, even with customers that were a little more demanding… Thank you and fair winds!

Jens bought the Sun Odyssey 33i 'Shadok' / Germany 16/5/2022

For a long time, my wife and I had been looking for a sailing boat with a variable draft. In August, we had found what we were looking for with Antipode. Our contact at Antipode was Jean-Baptiste Lemaire. All the necessary appointments were made through him: inspection, survey carried out by an expert, sea trial, etc. Everything was sone in an extremely professional and committed manner. Finally, we bought the boat, and all the paperwork was filled out by Antipode. At last, Jean-Baptise organised the wintering, transfer, and the engine maintenance that had to be done. Our thanks are especially to Jean-Baptiste Lemaire as well as to Julie and Jérôme.

Serge sold the Feeling 39 DI 'Anche Piu' / Canada 16/5/2022

In 2021, I entrusted Antipode with the sale of my sailing boat. The experience, professionalism and impressive network of this agency contributed to the success of the operation. Hats off, in particular to François for the quality of our exchanges all along the process. Good wind Antipode!

Maryse and Thierry bought the Feeling 39 DI 'P'ti Prince' / Belgium 13/5/2022

My testimony is a bit long, however, if you want to sell or buy a boat, it’s worth reading it to the end! Looking for a Feeling 39 DI for several years, I must have contacted all the brokers in Europe. From Italy to Norway. Not a single one compares to Antipode, that is, Jérôme and his team. Their files are extraordinarily complete. It’s because they put themselves in the buyers’ shoes. Proof that they love their profession with heart and have only one goal: to satisfy their clients. But, beyond this astonishing rarity, I would especially like to share my experience: in my entire professional life, I have dealt with hundreds of clients, suppliers, subcontractors and, of course, lawyers, and I have never dealt with a person that keeps his word and of moral honesty such as Jérôme Le Joubioux. The purchase of my boat was a particular situation as it was Jérôme that was the owner. Once the sale was signed, he covered some expenses, some of a considerable cost, that no other person would have done. Expenses that nothing obliged him to pay other than his righteousness. Our relation will remain for me an exceptional human adventure. And I do not even mention his courtesy. Do I also have to convince you of François Mouchel’s kindness, availability, and empathy? Julies’ patience and helpfulness?... I let you discover this joy.

Jane and Mark sold the Oceanis 473 'Lady' La Rochelle / UK 3/6/2021

We looked for a yacht broker local to Arzal-Camoël were our yacht was berthed and we were impressed with the testimonials on Antipode-Yachts web site and from our initial contact to the end of the sale process we found Jean-Baptiste, Jerome and Julie  to be very professional and helpful at all times. We would certainly recommend and would use them ourselves in the future.

Agnes and Hans bought the Nautitech 40.2 'Rev'On Seas' / Netherlands 20/5/2021

Looking for a second-hand catamaran to sail the European coast, Mediterranean and maybe crossing the Atlantic, we found our Nautitech 40.2 “Rev’ on Seas” on Antipode’s website lying in Morbihan near Vannes. The Covid restrictions in September 2020 still made it possible to travel from the Netherlands to have a look. Our Dutch buyer-agent Jascha Bach had a call with Jean Baptiste Lemaire from Antipode and was very positive about his professionalism and the fact that we could do business in English. After our inspection of the boat on the mooring with Jean Baptiste and the owner, we had an agreement on contract and price and planned a survey by our Dutch surveyor. As a result of bad weather, the planning was rescheduled creatively by Jean Baptiste, so we had our crane lifting and testing in the water just before the storm. Again, Jean Baptiste proved to be very creative in closing the deal with the results of the survey. The information about the buying process, the paperwork and the money transfer and the final deregistration from the French flag was very well done. The combination of our own buying-agent and the expertise of Jean Baptiste from Antipode made this transaction a success. In October 2020 Jean Baptiste handed over the boat to us in Vannes and sailed with us out of the Morbihan to the sea. With our own crew we sailed the Rev’on Seas to the Netherlands in a very short time.

We thank Jean Baptiste and his colleagues for their professionality. It makes buying a yacht abroad a lot more comfortable!

Peter bought the Marino APB 27 'Nerelis 1' / Sweden 20/5/2021

In the end of 2020 during the pandemic, we bought a fantastic Finnish power boat Marino APB 27 2010 with only 245 motor-hours. From an early beginning we had an excellent contact with Jerome and Julie. They gave us complete information and all the technical details in video. They gave us all the contract and transportation and service information very fast. They answered our questions in weekends and evenings by phone and mail.

We are very satisfied with the service and business with Antipode and give them the best recommendations.

Martin bought the Feeling 39 DI 'Globe-Vogueur' / Germany 20/5/2021

In July 2020, I found a Feeling 39 DI advertised on Yachtworld by Antipode. I made an appointment with JB to visit the boat in Piriac. From the beginning JB was helpful and offered to help me find a hotel. Once in Piriac, we inspected the boat in detail and all questions were answered to our complete satisfaction. Overall, the boat was in good condition, so I decided to make an offer. A few days later, the owner made an adjusted offer that we accepted.  As I wanted to use the boat for my vacation cruise, I went back to Piriac the following weekend for the transfer of the boat to Germany. In the meantime, the sales transaction including the sales contract and the transfer to Antipode’s escrow account of was organized by JB. After arriving in Piriac, the boat was taken out of the water at the expense of Antipode to inspect the underwater hull. The owners were also on site and available to answer questions.
The next day, a Saturday, JB was available to answer technical questions. He organized various technical items, also at the expense of Antipode, so that I could safely transfer the boat to Germany. He also discussed the nautical conditions for the Bay of Biscay and Normandy with me. He made me a route proposal with explanation of special district information. On Sunday we started our trip. We had no nautical or technical problems. JB was available to me via Whats-App during the entire trip as an advisor.  He is a very competent sailor and a customer-friendly salesman. I was particularly impressed by his humanity. I hope to meet him again sometime!

Marjolaine and Amine bought the Dufour 412 GL 'Malaïka' / Switzerland 4/5/2021

We bought a splendid second hand Dufour 412 GL through Antipode and we are delighted, my wife and I, to make this long-time dream come true accompanied by them.

A transaction carried out with great professionalism by Jean-Baptiste, Jérôme and Julie. We were particularly touched by their availability and seriousness and we were reassured by the perfect mastery of their profession and by their sound advice.

A very friendly team that will know how to accompany you too; before, during and after your transaction by reassuring you as we were during this beautiful acquisition made remotely in full lockdown.

Kim bought the Gib Sea 33 'Onirique II' / Denmark 15/1/2021

I never bought a boat from a broker before, and I did not know what to expect. Maybe something like a used car dealer? 

But I was in for a very pleasant surprise. 

I got hooked on a Gib’Sea 33 from 2000 and contacted Antipode to find out more about the boat, even though the specification that were downloadable from the websites was quite comprehensive. From the get-go, it was clear that Mr. Jérôme Le Joubioux is a man that really likes what he is doing, He is very professional, friendly, and extremely helpful. Not only during the sell/buy situation, but very much also after. I went to La-Roche Bernard In November 2020, to make a survey on the boat. Jérôme had supplied names and telephone number and e-mail addresses on different surveyors, I, more or less, only had to pick who I wanted. Jérôme was there all the time, answering all my questions, taking care of a lot of paperwork, and just being very friendly and helpful. 

I will be back in France in spring to sail the boat home to Denmark, and still, in this period, Jérôme will be there for me, and helping with things that just are difficult to do when you are 1600+ kilometers from your boat. 

I look very much forward to get to France again, when spring is coming. And I can hardly wait to get back to my new boat. But I also look very much forward to meet Jérôme again. 

I expect this boat to be my last. But if I were to look for another boat, I know where to look, and which phone number to dial. I will dial Antipode!

Chris sold the First 42S7 'Fastwave V' / England 28/9/2020

Antipode are real yacht brokers – knowledgeable and pro-active (such a rarity these days). I have both bought and sold through Antipode and dealt with both Jean-Baptiste & Jerome with a successful outcome every time. Unlike some of the “supermarket” brokers, they know the boats and their clients and are experts in the purchase and sale processes. In my most recent interaction they rapidly sold a yacht of mine which had been sitting outside the window of another well-known yacht broker for 6 months!

Carol and Ergun bought the Lucia 40 'Jozef' / England 28/9/2020

We met Jerome and his team few years ago during our time in France with our previous boat, it was such a pleasure that we can get together and buy our current boat from Antipode. From the start to the finish and beyond the only way to describe the services are professional, friendly, and unbelievable, we now consider Jerome a very good friend in Vannes and we are so grateful to him for making the whole buying process an absolute dream, and yes when time comes  to sell ,he is the broker we will call.. Thank you!

Kyla and John sold the Westerly Oceanranger 38 'Sula' / England 28/9/2020

When we decided in spring 2019 to sell our UK-registered Westerly Oceanranger Sula in Brittany, Antipode was recommended to us by members of the Cruising Association.  We could not have imagined a better or more stress-free way of selling the boat.

Jean Baptiste was knowledgeable, charming and invariably helpful. He suggested a realistic price, and his excellent English ensured that Sula was well-presented in both the UK and French markets. Jean-Baptiste matched the buyers to the boat:  they made a very fair offer at the end of our summer spent cruising the beautiful Brittany coast, and convinced us they would love the boat as much as we had!

Valter bought the Oceanis 41 'Cacheiro V' / Croatia 28/9/2020

What I can say about buying a boat from abroad with Antipode broker service; it’s just the best. I bought a Beneteau Oceanis 41 from 2013 in January 2020. They are honest and expert people who know what they are selling and know about boats. I learned and got a lot of advice from them.

First I saw a boat I found interesting on Antipode’s web site but it was sold quickly. When a similar boat came up, I got in touch with Antipode.  After I got some explanations on the owners and history of the boat I decided to go on with this boat.  I flew from Croatia to France to see the boat just for few hours in wintertime, last December.
When I saw that there is no reason to wait, I was just thinking how to pay the boat. The boat was exactly how was explained over the phone and much better, actually was ready to sail the same day. I didn't do any more research with experts or surveillance. I only asked to make a video to check the bottom. They cleaned the boat again, changed an anode and prepared sails and other little things for a long and demanding sail trip. Once I saw the condition of the boat I decided to pay.

After waiting few weeks for good forecast, me and my skipper friend, flew again to France near Vannes and  we decided to sail to Croatia across Biscay ,Gibraltar etc,26 days and night. The boat was no mistake, perfect boat for all kind of sailing, and today we have so much fun on it,  we almost live on that boat, that is how is perfect it is  for us.
All the best and do not worry with Antipode.

Jean-Yves bought the Dufour 385 'Alikea' / Belgium 24/9/2020

Looking for a Dufour 385 Grand Large at the end of the 2019 season, I asked for information with various organisations in several European countries. Antipode was very responsive from the start, sending me a complete file with many detailed photos of the boat. Neat and friendly visit onboard, Mr Mouchel gave me confidence in this matter and in his organisation. As I sail based +/- 1000 km away from the place of the sale (North Sea, Belgium), the ‘remote’ service was crucial. My confidence in Antipode was confirmed by their advice and coordination for the survey, deregistration, insurance, wintering and first maintenance work… Frankly, this professionalism exceeded my expectations. Bravo and thank you!

Marc bought the Etap 37S 'Yagan' / Belgium 22/7/2019

As I was looking for an Etap 37S I ended up on Yagan this winter at the Caudard boatyard. Jean-Baptiste was waiting for me there, the heating was on in the boat. He explained the advantages of this boat compared to other Etaps of the same type. I wonder if it was Jean-Baptiste’s charm and good mood or the boat’s aspect compared to the others I had seen that influenced my decision. I bought the boat.

During a second visit we spoke about a price and the possibility of making an offer. Finally, he really helped me with the purchase, the administrative formalities, the contact with the previous owner (that lives 200 m away from me in Brussels), the boatyard, the survey at the moment of the purchase, etc. And once the boat had been paid the service continued through to the launch of the boat. Jean-Baptiste even organised getting my car to the port where my boat will be this summer.

His colleagues and himself are really a nice team, impeccable and professional. Bravo and thanks to you all.

Anne and Bruce sold the Lipari 41 'Australis' / Australia 22/7/2019

When we were faced with selling our foreign registered yacht in France, we were helped all the way by the very professional team at Antipode.  Not only did the team find a number of serious buyers within weeks of listing, Jerome and Jean-Baptiste provided exceptional service and professional advise at every step along the way.  We could not have been happier with the whole process. We highly recommend Antipode as a trusted and professional yacht brokerage.

Trudi and Arno bought the Amel Santorin 'Forban 3' / Switzerland 22/7/2019

We were already looking for a long time to an Amel Santorin and were impressed by the good maintenance of the Amel Santorin that was offered by Antipode. Thanks to the negotiation of Clémont and Jerome we could agree upon a price with the previous owner. We are still in the traject of the aftersales (private circumstances), because we did not launch the boat jet. But we experience the aftersales support as very good, generous and professional. Although the Amel has some specific technical solutions we are not familiar with, Antipode is very well informed about the boat and we can ask him any time.

Mark sold the Sun Odyssey 26 'Alizé' / Arradon 22/7/2019

We put the cart before the horse and ordered our new boat before selling the old one!  We had purchased our sun-odyssey 26 five years ago through Antipod  and the purchase went smoothly so it was natural to let Antipod handle her sale.  Beneteau only made a few hundred of them so it’s not a well known boat, and we worried that it might not go before the new boat came. In the event, Jerome pulled the rabbit out of the hat and sold her in the nick of time.  Thanks again to Antipod, for a no-stress transaction. 

Frankie and Stuart bought the Swift Trawler 34 'Ohana' / Jersey 16/10/2018

After our initial viewing of a new Swift Trawler 34 at Lorient (which we had no intention of buying!) Jerome could not have been more helpful. Living in Jersey meant that all the negotiations were by email or phone and at every stage Jerome or one of his team would answer questions promptly (in excellent English) including technical queries.

Jerome and crew delivered the boat by trailer to St Malo at the end of May and made sure all was well during the handover. There were a couple of gel coat flaws that needed repair and it was agreed to return the boat to St Malo in September. We have just returned to Jersey having had the repairs fixed as agreed. The work was carried out on the scheduled date by Pascal from Beneteau and a Cummins engineer also checked the engine. They were both very professional and the work was completed promptly without any mess or disruption.

We are really happy with the boat and we would not hesitate to recommend Antipode and especially Jerome who is very professional in every way.

Linda and Robert bought the Dufour 40E 'Kerkennak' / Sweden 16/10/2018

We are very pleased with Antipode as broker for our Dufour 40e Performance.

Jerome was our main contact and helped us through out the purchase process. The support for viewing the boat, paper work and delivery was excellent and trustworthy.

We also received valuable and relevant information about the waters near Arzon and for safely passing Brest!

Roland sold the Oceanis 523 “Gunsan” / Sweden 16/10/2018

I bought the boat new from Jerome in France before he started Antipode and was very happy with his support and the responsibility he took to make sure that I was a happy client. When I decided to sell the boat 10 yers later in Martinique it was a given to contact Antipode for the sale. Not only did they sell basically on the day when I wanted and the price I asked. They also took all and full responsibility in making the transaction and the transfer to the new owner as smooth as it could be for all parties. 

When I will by a new boat I will definitely use Antipode again.

Fransisco bought the First 40 'Urukai' / Portugal 16/10/2018

I have purchased an used sail boat in 2018 through Antipode. I was highly impressed by quality of the services of Jerôme le Joubioux and his team at all stages of the process. They have provided in a proper manner all the information on both the boat and the formalities required to complete the transaction, intervened in a constructive way in the negotiation process, and once the deal was closed, organised and assisted very diligently in all steps required to complete the delivery of the boat in Portugal.

Notwithstanding Antipode has been engaged by the seller, I soon felt that I was dealing with a very professional and reliable counterparty, and this has greatly contributed for the successful completion of the transaction.”

Catherine and Ingo sold the Antarès 8.80 'Eisvogel' / Germany 16/10/2018

After more than two years of vain efforts to try to find a buyer for our boat that was moored in the port St Gilles Croix de Vie (Vendée / France), we contacted Antipode. Living in Germany (far away from Vendée) and not able to come on a regular basis, it was rather difficult to sell the boat by ourselves. The first contact with Antipode was in November 2017. Our boats was quickly sold in January / February 2018 thanks to the great efforts of the entire Antipode team ! A very big thank you to the whole Antipode team and particularly to Jérôme Le Joubioux for his professionalism and availability. When selling a boat it is very important to be able to count on an objective advice. The transaction went quickly and more than anything was facilitated by the availability of the whole Antipode team. A very professional, sympathetic and efficient team, always listening to their clients’ request. All our exchanges were honest, direct and friendly. To recommend absolutely!!!

André bought the Akilaria 'K7' / Germany 16/10/2018

What excellent experience it was to buy my boat from abroad! Antipode did everything they could to make it comfortable. I had already made close inspection on several Class40 in Germany, Netherlands and in the UK before finding this boat in France. Living abroad, I did not wish to travel before having enough information and having summoned a surveyor. This means that I had regular contact over the phone with Jérôme and Jean-Baptiste. Very quickly I felt – even over the phone – that the people I was dealing with were competent, proudly devoted to their profession, and ... honest! The seller as well proved to be very sincere which made the whole transaction very pleasant. This despite several administrative pitfalls that were each methodically solved by Antipode. After the sale, once again Antipode helped me in so many ways that I felt completely spoiled. Thanks to the whole team! Please know that I will definitely call upon your services in a couple of years.

Nicole et Gilles bought the Dufour 455 'Mandalay' / Switzerland 16/10/2018

Thank you so much to the whole Antipode team for professionalism and availability shown during the whole time of purchase of our Dufour 455 GL. Jérôme Le Joubioux and Clément Dorso both ensured a great communication between the previous owners and ourselves. They gave us clear answers to each of our questions. We were happy to be surrounded by competent people that know the sailing boats that they sell very well as well as the nautical environment in general. It’s by far the best experience that we have had in the business of selling and buying boats. We recommend them without hesitation.

Giovanni bought the Dufour 310 'An Askell' / Italy 16/10/2018

The experience with Antipode was extremely positive, for the purchase of my first sailboat, that I consider one of the most difficult cases. I believe to be a very difficult and demanding customer, because all must be clear to me till the smallest detail. Jérôme was able to help and to support me all along the negotiation, till the boat handover, with professionalism and courtesy. I would recommend him without any hesitation.

Ulrike and Jörg bought the Moody 47 'Uranie' / Germany 22/8/2018

We were owners of a Moody 42 CC and wanted to buy a Moody 47 CC. Thus we have found the first contact with Antipode on the Internet.

Jérôme and his very reliable employee Catharina have answered very reliably to our questions, have cleared unknown things and answered always fast and friendly. The nice one was present, never without being meddlsome. All inspection terms were kept on time and very expertly. With the test sailing there ruled a very unconstrained, loose atmosphere. Again it would become quick not tried to sell, but to answer other questions to us.

After purchase, the help and care was furthermore at a very high level of satisfaction. If we have asked help, it would be given to us.

Many thanks to the best agents which we know. Antipode enjoys our confidence.

Geoffrey sold the Dufour 38 'Jameryn' / United Kingdom 5/4/2018

Our decision to change yachts was taken very unexpectedly and near the end of the season. Luckily, earlier in the year,  we had met with the Antipode team when we viewed a possible new yacht, and were immediately impressed with the great level of expertise and efficiency. It was therefore a very easy decision to place the sale in their safe hands. The advice on how to prepare the boat for sale, and the speed that the details were generated for the web led to a very quick sale – and at a realistically good price. Throughout the transaction Antipode was dynamic, solving a number of problems, and managing payment, and numerous queries from the potential buyers. An agreed sale was finalised within 6 weeks of our first placing the boat on the market – and this in late autumn when buyers might be expected to be thin on the ground. I would highlight the excellent day to day contact with developments and offers being fully explained. The paper work, transfer of funds, and documentation, on the completion of the sale was all done quickly and accurately.”

In summary we were delighted at the service we received from Antipode and would strongly recommend them to any potential seller. We will certainly use them again if and when we decide to sell a boat

Bruce bought the Lipari 41 'Willow' / Australia 13/12/2017

When buying a second hand yacht overseas, the need to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable agent is paramount.  Antipode was that agency for us.

From fielding all our initial questions, organizing the test sail and survey, and providing after sale service that went beyond expectations, Antipode Yachts delivered everything we could wish for. From the outset, Jean-Baptiste’s knowledge and honesty gave us the confidence to purchase our boat here in France and have her fitted out and prepared for the journey home to Australia.  Catharina gave fantastic support, promptly answering every question and organizing all the paperwork involved in registering a foreign-owned vessel.

Thanks so much guys.  You are a class act!

Per-Gunnar bought the Jeanneau 57 'Sterenn II' / Sweden 8/12/2017

I was looking for a Jeanneau 57 on the YachtWorld website. I found one that met my basic criteria. The boat was in its home port in Lorient, France.

I then contacted the boat Broker Antipode Yachts. Since I am Swedish and live in Sweden, I asked if they had someone who could communicate with me in Swedish. They did, which helped me a lot when we continued the negotiations.

It has been a great pleasure to be helped by Antipode Yachts. They have really been present on all fronts. Nice treatment as well as straight and organized.

The only thing that was a little difficult was that the owner had put the boat on sale with two brokerage companies, which meant that sales became a bit messy when several buyers were interested with the boat at the same time,  and no one had overall responsibility. In Sweden, I'm not used to work with several brokers at the same time.

But if someone asks me if I trust Antipode, then I without hesitation would be able to recommend Antipode to do business from abroad.

Inigo and Veronica bought the First 33.7 'Locmalo' / Spain 15/6/2017

Our experience with Antipode has been excellent. Either from complete boat's information, arranging the visits on the water and ashore, to negotiating with the owner or facilitating every document for the export and Register. Always supportive and friendly attitude.

I would no doubt repeat. Thanks to all the Antipode's team.

David and Barbara bought the Sun Odyssey 439 'Glam' / Australia 15/6/2017

We purchased a 4 year old Jeanneau 439 through Antipode. As we live in Australia and the yacht was in France we decided against visiting and instead relied upon the comments, advice and opinions of Jean-Baptiste. While we did have some trepidation at first we quickly found that we had no need for concern. Jean-Baptiste is very knowledgeable and friendly and displayed the highest integrity throughout our dealings and was very honest in his appraisal and description of the vessel. He also displayed that integrity when commenting that he has to represent the interest of the seller and will not ignore this. Any enquiry was answered almost immediately and even after the sale the assistance and advice offered by Antipode were exceptional. We noted that Jean-Baptiste, Catharina and Jérôme work seamlessly together, which may be why any enquiry is answered so promptly and why they have such a vast knowledge of local sailing and marine resources. If buying another boat I would go back to Antipodes and would do the same if selling my vessel. Antipode displayed a high level of integrity, were professional, experienced and knowledgeable and we have no hesitation in highly recommend their services.  

Sven and Hilde bought the Prestige 39 'Carpe Diem' / Norway 7/6/2017

Me and my wife didn't entirely know what we were doing when we looked for a boat abroad. We fell for the Jeanneau Prestige 39 which was for sale in multiple countries. It was then we stumbled across your website, Antipode. The website was clean, professional and helpful. We contacted Catharina via mail and from there the process was problem free.

Catharina is Swedish and made a lot easier for me to communicate. My knowledge of the English language is lacking, and it was therefore easier to speak with a fellow Scandinavian in our respective languages.

I must excuse all the silly questions that I asked and praise the patience Catharina, Jean-Baptiste and Jerome has shown. I didn't know anything about importing a boat, but Team Antipode helped me through everything. I am very pleased with the service. Feedback, follow-up, payment, customer service, professionalism and everything else has been top notch. I can therefore without a doubt recommend their services to anyone.

It’s been a while since the boat has arrived in Norway, and it is used regularly. We are extremely happy with our purchase and with your service.

Again, I must say thank you to Jean-Baptiste, Catharina and Jerome. I hope you have a lovely summer.

David bought the XC 42 'Vicaro' / United States 4/6/2017

I was very interested in acquiring an XC 42, and none were available in my home country, the USA.  One was available from Antipode, and I worked primarily with Jean-Baptiste on the technical aspects.  In addition to providing me with the standard description of the yacht, he answered my questions and was able to provide me with more detailed information, which gave me the confidence to proceed with the survey.  The survey went well.  I was able to spend the requisite time going over the boat with a surveyor, and we concluded the visit with a test sail off Lorient after the surveyor had departed.  I appreciated Jean-Baptiste's forthrightness, knowledge, and pleasantness.  With Catharina Holmberg's and Jean-Baptiste's assistance, we were able to work through any delays that occurred in completing the transaction and the re-documentation of the vessel.  We decided to leave the boat in Lorient for nine months and sail in Europe, and Jean-Baptiste and Catharina were very helpful providing me with information so that I could make arrangements for insurance, outfitting, care of the boat during this period, and other details. We also greatly appreciated Jean-Baptiste sailing with us for a day so that we could begin to learn the boat.

Renata and Robert bought the Antares serie 9 'Kan Ar Mor'/ Croatia 10/3/2017

If you decide to buy a boat, your choice should definitely be the company Antipode.

That means having professionals in their job, with individual approach to every buyer.

With all you'll meet simple and kind people, Jean-Baptiste and Catharina, who will take care of everything.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Michel bought the Lagoon 380 S2 'SCHTROUMPFF VI' / Belgium 16/2/2017

Antipode contributed to install a climate favorable for good transaction between the seller and the buyer.

Very good follow up concerning all the administrative aspects of the sale.

Efficient and fast answers to all questions asked.

Mr Jean Baptiste Lemaire had a very professional and undeniable serious attitude at all times.

I highly recommend!

Nigel bought the Cornish Crabber 22 'Lily' / UK 13/12/2016

The professional service from all the team at Antipode in assisting me when buying my boat was faultless. During the process, I dealt with Jerome, Jean-Baptiste and Catharina who made the viewing and purchase of my boat straightforward and enjoyable.

In searching for the right boat, I dealt with several brokers both in the UK and France and the experience of dealing with Antipode was exceptional. Thank you all for your commitment and friendliness.

Mattias bought the Elan 37 'Becfer' / Sweden 5/9/2016

From my first contact with Antipode they always responded quickly and seriously. After just a few conversations I felt that this broker wants to do a great job both for the seller and the buyer.

Because of the distance to Sweden I needed to feel that I had a good communication, guarantees of payment and someone who could give me the necessary service locally. On all of these points Antipode lived up to all my expectations.

They provided very good service with all the paper work and kept me informed for all the payments.

Antipode were very serious to find solutions on things that you may worry about as a buyer.

Antipode were also very helpful to get offers from different alternatives so I could make my decision by the best information that I could get.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and I had a great sail up to the south of Sweden.

Niels bought the Super Maramu 2000 'Bigouz' / Denmark 22/8/2016

The team at Antipode has been very professional, and also very helpful in taking care of everything during the first visit, survey and sea trial, second visit and handover, we even was offered transport by Jerome (including a lot of shopping bags) when we came to pick up the boat. The boat was in the conditon as described by Antipode Yachts, and the first trip, a 1000 mile trip to our home port, went very well. I would buy from Antipode again!

Peter bought the Prestige 34 'Ant-Ro' / Ireland 17/6/2016

I purchased the above boat in April 2016 through Antipode yachts. This is my first time purchasing a boat abroad , so I was a bit wary. From the very first contact with Jean Baptists to the delivery of the boat to Ireland they very very helpful. Every query I had was answered promptly . They provide an excellent and reassuring service . 
Many thanks to Jean-Baptiste and to Catharina  for making it a very simple process.

Laurent sold the Swift Trawler 34 'Sao Bien' / Hong-Kong 28/5/2016

For the second time I used Antipode’s Yacht’s services for the sale of my Beneteau Trawler 34. I can attest to the professionalism (the quality of the follow-up, the good command of the administrative part) and Antipode Yacht’s capacity to go and find foreign clients. My first boat was sold to a Canadian and the second to a Swede. Thanks and who know what will be next!

Bertil and Margaretha bought the Swift Trawler 34 'Sao Bien' / Sweden 25/5/2016

My wife and I went to visit St Malo in February to check out the boat for the first time. We meet up with Jean-Baptiste from the ANTIPODE agency. The boat was on land when we came, so we could go through the boat. The agency was very helpful with all our questions and all paper work, so we didn't have to worry about that.
After our trip we decided to purchase the boat.
When we came to St. Malo the second time, we then did serious sea trials and it was then discovered that the water cooler pump had a leakage.  The pump had to be replaced and it was ordered from Belgium, we then had to wait a week for it to come. All this was handled in the best manor by the ANTIPODE agency.

On our way home with the boat we had bad luck with the weather. We had hope to travel with 15 knots but we held 8,3 knots until we reached the Kiel canal. The way from St Malo to Gothenburg took 115 hours.
Throughout this whole process we had a lot of help from Jean-Baptiste and his colleagues. It was especially helpful that his colleague Catharina spoke Swedish!

They even helped us with a speeding ticket that we received while we drove from the airport to St Malo!
From a grateful buyer.


Heinz bought the ETAP 37 S 'Serenity' / Germany 27/1/2016

For this special type of boat, the Etap 37s, there only have been a few offers in my home country, Germany. For many reasons I never planned to buy a boat abroad; the legal situation was completely unknown to me and there always is a lot of money involved.
Nevertheless, I found this attractive offer in France and checked it in more detail just for comparison reasons. But soon after my first contact with Jean-Baptiste I was sure that there is absolutely no risk to move on with this project. All pre-discussions and the whole deal was perfectly managed and documented, i.e. I felt very comfortable during the whole process of becoming the new owner of this well maintained and beautiful yacht.
Perhaps worth to mention that I also was impressed by the post-sale support. Jean-Baptiste but also all other folks of Antipode were always very open and responsive to my questions concerning technical aspects, interactions with local service units, transport companies etc.
Nothing more to say than a big ‘thank you’ for the excellent and trustful collaboration!

Roger sold the Nimbus 380 Commander 'Amelia' / UK 9/10/2015

The sale of my boat now completed I would like to thank you all for the professional way in which you handled the sale.

A common complaint of mine is that too many people in business are expensive, lazy, incompetent and poor communicators

Antipode is expensive, hard working, highly competent and excellent communicators.

Many thanks for your efforts.

Dave bought the Oceanis 44 CC 'Emeraude' / UK 19/7/2015

Upon meeting Jerome when first viewing the yacht, he was very re-assuring as I'd had a few bad experiences with yacht brokers.
Jerome was friendly, professional and exceedingly helpful. Upon negotiating a price with the owner, Jerome quickly brought everything together from survey to servicing. Jerome even put me in contact with an money exchange company in London who gave me a better exchange rate than my bank.
Jerome was backed up by a highly efficient office gem, Catharina who sorted all the paperwork and documents, meaning that I was able to reach a quick purchase.

During the process I was kept well informed of progress and developments. I simply cannot fault the service which I recieved from The Antipode team.
At the handover of the vessel, Jerome was happy to spend as long as required to show me all that I would need to know around the boat, and only leaving me when I was completely satisfied. Unlike previous experiences where broker left me the keys in cockpit locker!
If you are looking to buy a boat from or sell one with Antipode, you won't find a better broker anywhere.
If Carlsberg made yacht brokers.... ........

Pat bought the First 30 K ‘Beau Rêve’ / Ireland 9/4/2015

I would highly recommend the services of Antipode. I flew from Ireland to Brest where the excellent and famous sailor Jean Baptiste picked me up from the airport. We met the surveyor on board and spent the afternoon exploring the boat in detail. Jean Baptiste even organised the delivery to Ireland for me in the middle of winter. All the paper work and documentation went very smoothly. I was kept up to date with regular emails and phone calls on all aspects of the transaction. Every one spoke excellent English also. I am very pleased with my purchase.


Bob and Jill sold the Oceanis 323 ‘Firefly’ / United Kingdom 7/4/2015

When I came to sell my Beneteau 323 from La Roche Bernard, I was very pleased to have the Antipode Team to help me. They were very professional and could not do enough to assist me. I am very happy to recommend their services and can be contacted by phone if you are an English owner and need reassurance.

Maarten bought the Delphia 40,3 ‘Valjean’ / Netherlands 12/12/2014

We have bought a Delphia 40 feet through the services of Antipode. We are very content with the professional services of Jerome and Jean-Baptiste. The description of the ship was very accurate. You have been very professional and a good partner for both parties involved. Would buy a ship unseen with you, thanks!

Mark bought the Sun Odyssey 26 “Alizé” / La Trinité sur Mer 23/11/2014

After some months of searching through private ads on the web, and unsatisfactory experiences with a couple of dealers, we went to Antipode and talked over our project with Jerome.  He opened our eyes to some boats we'd not thought of and things started to move.  We found the help and advice from the Antipode team was practical, straightforward and well adapted to our needs.  After a couple of boat visits and a test sail, the negotiations started and they went smoothly.  Throughout the process, we felt confident that we were in safe hands.   We are now the happy owners of a small family cruiser which came in well under our budget, yet fulfills our requirements and is in great condition.  We recommend Antipode without hesitation.

Loes and Ronald bought the Sun Odyssey 43 DS ‘Iriade II’ / Netherlands 21/10/2014

We come from Holland and we really wanted a Jeanneau 43 DS. Through Antipode we found a real nice one. We made an offer and the team of Antipode did really everything for us to make it happen. Finally the owner accepted the offer and we are more than happy for the friendliness and service of Antipode. Jerome, Jean-Baptiste and the team responded very quickly and clearly with their answers to our questions. They were very honest and trustworthy whereas some of the other brokers we have met were saying anything and not keeping their promises just to sell a boat.

We are also very satisfied with the way they informed us about the selling process. The last day we were in France to sail our boat to Holland Jerome was there and made the finally paperwork.  It was a great day and from that moment on we only have great days in Holland.

We can certainly recommend them and we assure you that you will have a good feeling about Antipode.

Thierry bought the Sun Odyssey 50 DS ‘Black Pearl’ / Indonesia 27/8/2014

We had a problem to buy our boat because we live more than 9 000 km away from France and it was impossible for me to take 4 days to come and visit a boat, especially if it turned out not to be the right one. Once we had found the boat that we liked we started the discussions with the Antipode team who were very available and gave us all the information and pictures we needed. They were very professional and helpful, travelling between La Rochelle and Hendaye. They even collected a friend of mine that came to inspect the boat from the airport.

I would like to emphasize that Antipode were very honest and trustworthy whereas some of the other brokers we have met were ready to say anything in order to sell a boat. With Antipode we were sure that we were being well looked after.

Finally we bought the Jeanneau 50 DS and two months later discovered her exactly the way we were expecting.

Some people thought that we were crazy to buy a boat that we had not even seen, but we felt confident with our decision thanks to Antipode.

Gérald sold the J 97 ‘J Lance’ / Belgium 27/8/2014

My boat was on sale for over a year, no contacts and not much hope in a market that people told me was completely depressed. A matter of persepctive…

Within a few weeks time my J 97 found a buyer with Antipode.

Professional negotiation, impeccable logistics (the boat was lying in the Mediterranean), rigor and complete follow up until the end.

Bravo Antipode ! Nice job, you rock it all the way! 

Ketil bought the Prestige 30 S ‘Belmodoroch III’ / Sweden 4/8/2014

My boat has just arrived in Sweden ! Jérôme -  your team and yourself have done a fantastic job from the start to delivery of this boat and I am more than happy for the friendliness, service and help you provided!!

Chris bought the Pogo 850 ‘Havane II’ / UK 17/4/2014

I wanted a Pogo and could only find one in France, contacted Antipode and was in touch with Jean-Baptiste who was extremely helpful from the start, I wanted to a lot of equipment to be added to the boat and this was all done quickly and without any problems…

Thank You Jean-Baptiste and Antipode… 

Sergey bought the Sun Fast 40 "Missy Blue" / Russia 13/2/2014

We came from Russia to buy our boat with Antipode in France and we are very satisfied. We had been searching for a boat for more than 6 months in Holland, Germany and Sweden… just about everywhere, without really finding what we were looking for. We spent hours on different internet sites and we contacted Jérôme in France. The first boat he showed us, a First 40.7, was quite disappointing but he had the idea to show us a Sun Fast 40 that we had not considered… and we fell for her straight away!

Thanks a lot Antipode !

Caroline and Jérôme bought the Vindö 50 'Tromp'/ Belgium 7/2/2014

We are Belgian and we bought our boat via a French company from Dutch owners… not the easiest set up ! We would like to say a big thank you to Jean-Baptiste Lemaire who did a complete and personal follow up of this purchase which was very important to us as we are now living on board.  And despite all the obstacles we encountered Jean-Baptiste showed us support all the way through, enabling us to sail the 520 nautical miles to Belgium before the winter. And what a joy to get advice from a real enthusiast, competent, sailor and racer !

Peter and Amanda bought the Oceanis 50 'L'Embellie' / UK 9/12/2013

The service from Jerome and Antipode has been exceptional. From the first viewings of a couple of boats to the eventual purchase, Jerome and the team smoothed the way, getting full and proper answers to our questions. We can certainly recommend them and is the best experience we have had on buying a boat.

Hylke and Marijke sold the Vindö 50 ketch “TROMP”/ Loosdrecht > Netherlands 25/10/2013

The selling proces of our boat started in the Vieux Port of La Rochelle where we met Antipode. Their interest and enthousiasm for our “Old Lady” gave us from the start a positive feeling regarding the results of the selling proces. In the following weeks this feeling got confirmed by the way they communicated with us while we sailed the along the West Coast of France. We were very satified with your services and the way you informed us about the selling proces. All this has resulted in the sale of our boat within two months and left us ”boatless”, but very happy with the result. We are very glad to have chosen you and thank the whole Antipode team. We will surely recommend you to our sailing friends in France and wish you all the best!

Andrew and Anne bought the Swift Trawler34 'Lily’s Boat' / United Kingdom 12/10/2013

Anne and I have been delighted with both the boat and the excellent service you both provided in smoothing the way through the paperwork, financial transactions and finally arranging transportation of the vessel to Cherbourg for our collection.  

Your expertise made the whole experience stress free. Many thanks again.

Ivan and Ursula bought the Kesteloo 42 “Gavroche” / San Francisco > USA 27/8/2013

We had an excellent experience with Antipode Yachts throughout the purchase process. Jerome Le Joubioux and his staff truly exceeded our expectations, resulting in a very straightforward and professional experience. Jerome’s guidance and personal involvement simplified all of the steps required to purchase our sailboat in Europe, and was critical to ensure a successful transaction.
Compared to our previous experience with agents and brokers in the US, the services provided by Jerome and his staff are unequalled for their responsiveness, integrity, as well as clear and professional communication. We strongly recommend Antipode Yachts, and would be happy to provide additional information regarding Jerome’s brokerage services to any US-based owners considering to purchase a vessel in Europe.

Jan and Gardy sold the Kesteloo 42 «Gavroche»/ Netherlands 26/8/2013

We entrusted Antipode with the sale of our sailing boat. From the day the boat was put on sale up to and including the day of the signature, the sales process was carried out in professional and friendly way.

Our thanks to Jérôme and Catharina for this sale.

We highly recommend Antipode’s very good service.

Peter and Sophy bought the Dufour 385 'Alizé' / Hampshire > United Kingdom 26/5/2013

From the first weekend when we went to look at boats in Vannes to setting sail back to England in our newly purchased yacht Alizé, Jean-Baptiste and the team at Antipode could not have looked after us better. They responded promptly and cheerfully to our many queries, ensured the complex paperwork was completed correctly and helped put Alizé back in the water; but best of all they sold us a really great boat in fantastic condition!

Claude bought the Feeling 39 DI «Viking III» / Québec > Canada 2/4/2013

Antipode had a Feeling 39 for sale in France. They put me in touch with one of my Canadian compatriots that had used their services to buy a Sun Fast 43 in 2010. I contacted him. He told me “You can trust them, they are professionals”. He was perfectly right!

Jan Henk sold the Etap 34 S «Giwa Ruwa II » / Netherlands 5/2/2013

After 12 summers on the coast of Brittany on our Etap 34, my wife and I decided to widen our horizons and navigate on other seas thus selling our Etap 34. What a difficult decision! When we brought out boat to the harbor of Le Crouesty and giving the keys to Antipode we had made an informed choice: Antipode found a buyer within two months and the transaction went very smoothly.

Yvon and Catharine bought the MerryFisher 925 « Kerenza » / Lac Leman > Switzerland 19/10/2012

As we were looking to buy a MerryFisher 925 we found Antipode’s website that had one for sale. A visit in Brittany and then everything went smoothly. The transactions between old and new owners, immediate receipt of the bank transfers, survey of the boat, paperwork for the Swiss ratification and organization of the transport. We are happy to recommend Antipode to whom wish much success.

David and Joyce sold the Merry Fisher 925 «Kerenza» / United Kingdom 17/10/2012

We were very pleased with Antipode during the recent sale of our boat. The sale was less than straightforward, we being English and the purchaser from a non EU country. However, from the international advertising to the conclusion of the sale everything was handled brilliantly by Jérôme and Catharina. Their excellent command of our language and dual language documentation was a big bonus for us.
A French friend recommended Antipode to us and we will certainly recommend them to others.

Peter bought the Moody 376 «Frantasia» / UK 3/10/2012

We couldn’t fault your service. The website is particularly good with the panoramic views of the boat interior. It is the best brokerage site we have seen and we have seen a lot!
It was particularly helpful to be able to talk to the owner direct. That saved a lot of time and we concluded a deal with a minimum of fuss.
The handover was very smooth - very little paperwork which is a first for France!
Thanks again for your help with the surveyor. It is sometimes difficult to organise services from a distance but on this occasion we encountered no problems.

Dionissios and Françoise bought the Catana 50 «La Jamais Contente» Switzerland 28/9/2012

We had been looking for a catamaran of 47 to 55 feet for two years. We have been to all the possible trade fairs in France and Italy, Greece and Germany. We have met yacht builders from all the major brands as well as from smaller ones, we have spoken to several brokers who had promised us all sorts of things. Nobody came back to us, neither constructors nor brokers. Antipode was the only one to take our project seriously and you did a great follow up. What we liked to most is that you defend the interest as much of the seller as of the buyer. You have hold all your promises, and that is why we thank you and if you one day come across «Tikalo», you must come and share a drink with us.

Tarja and Markku bought the Sun Odyssey 36 i 'Gwalarn' / Finland 29/6/2012

After going through the process of purchasing a new sail boat which took place a couple of months we can say that we are very pleased with the service we have got from Antipode Yachts. Antipode Yachts has made all the paper works for us and all the documents have been both in French and in English. Whenever we have had some questions about the boat or about the purchasing process we have got an immediately answer by email. We also got all technical guidance we needed before we started our sailing to Finland. Antipode Yachts’s representative also joined us during our first sailing. We can recommend Antipode Yachts for anyone who isplanning to buy a new boat.

Marc bought the First 33.7 « May Be » / Belgium 6/6/2012

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Antipode. All of the negotiation was done with a lot respect and kindness in the interest of both parties.
I appreciated the prompt responses. Trust was established in such way that I paid Antipode in advance and it was Antipode that took the delivery of the boat in my place without me being there. All that was promised was done.
The boat was in great shape when I took her. I would like to highlight the very efficient administrative
work that was done which among other things enabled me de-register the boat In France to put her under Belgian flag in record time.
If everyone was this correct, life would be a lot easier.

David and Kim bought the Tri Exception 52 'Paille En Queue' / Los Angeles > USA 13/2/2012

When we first decided to make the trip from to Tunisia from Mexico to view « Paille en Queue » , Kim and I were fairly certain she was the boat for us. When we met with you there, your kind, casual demeanor put us at once at ease and your thorough concerns for our satisfaction were certainly appreciated.
After the purchase you and your capable assistant Catharina have been marvelous in helping to iron out the many details involved in international yacht registry and related documentation.
We would certainly recommend you to any friends who are in the market to buy or sell a yacht.
Thanks again for all your help.

Jean-Marc bought the Hanse 370 'Ghost' / Québec > Canada 9/2/2012

Buying a bot is not a simple thing to do, especially when you live 5000 km away and when you do not know the local mechanism and rules ! We do live in Canada even if Brittany is our favorite sailing place. All went well and we can give all the credit to Antipode that did a great job to in dealing with all the logistic, financial and administrative aspects of the transaction. Thanks and bravo, in particular to Jérôme Le Joubioux with whom we stayed in constant contact. It was very pleasant to work with you.

Bob bought the A 40 'Vent d’Ouest' / Adelaïde > Australia 6/12/2011

Jérôme, just a word to say that our boat finally arrived yesterday in Brisbane by cargo and that we are very happy with the boat. Your description of the boat was very just. The whole crew worked on the boat over the week-end and now she is looking great. If you one day need a reference or assistance in Australia, I would be happy to help. Once again thank you for everything ! 

Oliver bought the PRESTIGE 42 S 'Virto' / Austria 7/4/2011

Dear Catharina and Jerome,
With this letter I want to thank you once again for your perfect service you have done, I am very happy with my new boat.
Normally I used to do my business without any broker, but in this case you have taught me a lesson.
I am very satisfied with your service, I got all necessary papers in time and if you spend so much money for a boat, the safety processed through a broker is highly recommended.

Sven bought the FIRST 40.7 « Phistehau III » / Stockholm > Sweden 14/11/2010

I bought a First 40.7 in Bretagne through Jerome. He was very professional and helpful during the whole process, quick to respond and forthcoming to sort out any problems. he also inspired a lot of trust which was important to me as I bought the yacht from Sweden and only had very little time to inspect it myself.
Unfortunately I ran into problems with the engine that broke down halfway home to Sweden, which probably was due to poor maintenance by the previous owner. Jerome made a huge effort to help out here, and went a lot further than could be expected to fix the problems.
I give Jerome my warmest recommendations to anyone that wants to sell or buy a yacht.

Christopher bought and sold the ANTARES 1080 « Elliot » / London > UK 6/11/2010

I bought my Antares 1080 through your brokerage in 2008 and have just sold it from your exposition
at Le Milles Sabord 2010.
Antipode Yachts has exceeeded all my expectations of good service and I recommend the agency to anyone who wishes to either to buy or to sell a yacht.

Marc bought the SUN FAST 43 'Gros Loup' / Canada 10/10/2010

You find the boat that corresponds to your wishes and you have a survey carried out. M Le Joubioux can help you find an expert. You make a written offer with your conditions. If the offer is accepted, you make a bank transfer to Antipode Yachts (4days) who keep the money on an independent bank account, you get a receipt, until the sales contract is signed by both parties.
The owner get his money once that transaction is completed with all the conditions, equipments, payment of the port, constructor etc cleared up to the day of the contract.
You should trust Jérôme, who is very professional in this domain. You do not pay him, it is the seller that pays him (through the commission). He will do the negotiation, organize the appointments,prepare the paperwork, etc.
Once the boat is chosen you have to count on a minimum of 10 days for the bank transfer, obtaining all the documents and signing the contract.

  • Antipode recruits

    1 Yacht Broker

    > Permanent full-time

    > Based in Vannes, France

    > Fluent English required

    > Personal practice of sailing, cruising or racing

    > Extensive travel West of France, car provided

    1 Commercial Assistant

    > Permanent full-time or part-time to be agreed with the candidate

    > Based in Vannes, France

    > Fluent English required

    > Personal practice of sailing, cruising or racing

    > Extensive travel in Britain, car provided


    Jérôme Le Joubioux : + 33 6 07 45 71 73